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Raw Food and Cancer, the Truth and the Myth

Raw Food and Cancer, the Truth and the Myth

It is frustrating and not understandable why conventional-western medicine does not pay attention to what people eat, their lifestyle, exercise, etc., as ways to remove chronic diseases and more importantly to preventing them.

Cancer is at epidemic levels worldwide. Billions of dollars are expended or wasted in research that do not lead to any solution, and still conventional doctors do noy pay serious attention to what people put into their bodies!

Here are some excerpts from several websites on Cancer and Raw Food:

– says about this subject:

Raw Food Treatment For Cancer

Brandt Grape Cure Using Vegetable Juices

The Raw Food Treatment article in Russian:

by Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

TREATMENT RATING: This is a very potent cancer treatment, however, it should not be used as the only cancer treatment. This protocol is generally combined, and is part of, a complete protocol and is used to flood the body with key nutrients in order to protect the non-cancerous cells. For example, it is part of the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

Raw Food Treatment
Definition: While the term “raw food” means food eaten without cooking, in the context of a cancer diet, a “raw food” diet is a vegan type of diet, where the vast majority of fruits and vegetables that are consumed are known to kill cancer cells, directly or indirectly. In other words, the phrase “raw food” on this web page does not mean a random selection of uncooked vegetables and fruits, but a very selective subset of vegetables and fruits specifically selected to treat cancer.

From also:

Date of Interview: May 21, 2003
Location: Home of a Mutual Friend (7 other people were present)
Name of Interviewer: Webster Kehr
Initials of Interviewee: K.B. (male)
State of Residence: Missouri

What Kind of Cancer Did You Have?
Malignant Melanoma, starting with a growth at the back and base of my neck.

How Far Had It Metastasized?
Stage III

What Month and Year Was It First Diagnosed?
August, 1980 or 81 (he was 19 years old at the time)

What Technique Did They Use to Diagnose It?
They excised the mole and did a biopsy.

Did You Have Surgery?
Only the excise of the mole. They wanted to do extensive surgery, such as cutting a large hole where the mole was, and to the point of removing some of my lymph nodes, but I only let them cut out the mole. They also wanted to do 3 months of chemotherapy.

Did You Do Chemotherapy or Radiation?
No, even though I was only 19, because a friend of mine was a holistic doctor (a chiropractor), I was aware of alternative medicine and my options even at that time.

How Much Pressure Did the Doctors Put On You To Have Surgery, Chemotherapy, etc.?
Quite a bit, in fact tremendous pressure. They even called my mother and got her crying.

How Long Were You Expected To Live?
They did not give me a length of time.

What Was the Deciding Factor That Convinced You to Use Alternative Treatments?
Even though I was aware of alternative medicine, I did seriously consider doing what the doctors wanted. However, I did not like their very heavy handed approach to try and force me to do the surgery and chemotherapy.

What Was the Major Alternative Treatment You Used?
Fruit and vegetable juice diet. I studied books by Normal Walker and Paavo Airola.

What Other Alternative Treatments or Supplements Did You Take?
My friend (the chiropractor) sold Herbalife, so I took Herbalife. He was real big on enzymes.

Please Describe Your Treatment Plan:
First, I went on a two week fruit and vegetable juice fast (I bought a juicer the day I decided to fight the cancer on my own).

“During fasting, I took approx 1 quart of carrot juice per day, often mixed with spinach, cucumber, garlic, onion, celery, etc., whatever grows. Fruit juice was usually grapes, pineapple, apple, pear, grapefruit (stayed away from oranges) approx. 1/2 quart in the morning; veg. juice from noon till retire. veg. broth made daily afternoon. Daily lemon juice enemas (4-5 lemons per quart of water) in the morning usually after the first few days of the fast.”

Then, for one week, I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables.

“When not fasting, fruit juices 1-2 pints per day; carrot/veg. juices approx 1/2 quart per day.

Then, I went on a three week fruit and vegetable juice fast.

Then, for one week, I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables, although I added nuts at this time.

I did this, increasing the length of my fast, for six months. I also added more foods as I went along. The longest juice fast I went on was 37 days.

Other things I did involved a lot of exercise. When I was juice fasting, I walked up to 8 miles a day. When I was eating, I jogged 40 miles every week.

Did You Ever Fear Dying?
I always felt at peace with myself and never had a fear of dying.

Did You Eat Any Organic Foods?
As much as I could get.

What Kind of Water Did You Drink?
Always spring/bottled water.

What Month/Year Were You Diagnosed Cancer Free?
At the end of the six months of the raw food diet, I returned to the doctors and they declared me cancer free. (He has been in remission for over 20 years.)

What Are You Doing To Stay In Remission? I follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of the foods I eat are raw foods. 20% are not. I also run/bike/swim at least one hour per day now and believe in a daily sauna.

How Many Medical Doctors Have You Told That You Were Cured of Cancer With Natural Foods? More than 10, but none were oncologists.

– We found in a 1050 article that talks about Raw Food and Cancer:



Originally published around 1950

BEFORE I realized the actual importance of raw vegetable food, my attitude was exactly the same as that of other doctors — to treat the symptoms of the disease without thinking of preventing it. It ought to be the duty of the medical profession in future to find means of preventing to a much higher degree than now, instead of having to cure later on.

That I, as a doctor, went in for exclusively raw vegetable food is due to the fact that I became ill, even seriously ill, myself. I developed cancer of the breast. The disease had, of course, been preceded by wrong nourishment and wrong habits in the course of my twelve years of hospital training, when I suffered from sluggish digestion and catarrh of the stomach all the time, disorders which are still of quite common occurrence among hospital staff members. Since that time, no change of the hospital diet has taken place in Denmark in this very important domain. On one occasion I was in a dying condition because of a bleeding gastric ulcer. This made me abandon meat and fish, and I became a vegetarian. Later, I took to eating a good deal of raw vegetable food. In this manner my digestion became regulated, and I felt better, though not completely well. In the winter of 1940 to 1941, I was exceptionally tired and dull, but I was unable to ascertain any specific disease. At that time I did not understand what was wrong with me, but in the course of the Spring I discovered a small node in my right breast.

Tired and dull as I was, I did not pay any attention to it until, five weeks later, I discovered that the node was the size of a hen’s egg. It had grown into the skin, a thing only cancer does. As a doctor, I had seen enough to be unwilling to submit to the treatment of cancer generally employed. I consulted my good friend, Dr. M. Hindhede, who dissuaded a trial microscopy. It would open up the blood streams and the cancer would spread; so I gave it up. And then I felt it as quite a natural thing that I would have to carry through a one hundred per cent raw vegetable diet.

I went in search of nature and lived for a time on a small island in the Kattegat, took sun-baths from four to five hours daily, slept in a tent, bathed several times a day, and lived exclusively on a raw vegetable diet. Later I introduced this habit of life at the sanatorium “Humlegarden.”

But I was still tired and continued to be so for the first two months, and during that period the node in the breast did not diminish; it remained unchanged.

But then the improvement came. The node diminished, my strength returned. Apparently I recovered and felt better than I had done for many years. When I had experienced good health in this manner for about a year, I tried by way of experiment (and urged to do so by Dr. Hindhede) to revert to a vegetarian diet supplemented by fifty per cent of raw vegetable food.

But it was no good. In three or four months I began to feel a stinging pain in the breast, in the sore-like tissue which the cancer had left where it had originally adhered to the skin. This pain increased much during the weeks that followed, and I realized that the cancer had begun to develop again.

Once more I reverted to a pure, raw food, which caused the pain to subside rapidly and the fatigue to become less pronounced. But, being a doctor, I realized that I would have to use the experience I had gained to help my sick fellow creatures. So I set up my home so that I could have four or five patients staying with me the next summer. We took a hundred per cent raw vegetable diet and all went well; but it was not satisfactory with so few patients. I understood that this cause would have to be advocated under quite different and larger conditions if any proofs were to be given. On my initiative, a joint stock company was then formed which bought a property, “Humlegarden,” well suited for the purpose; it was set up as a sanatorium, where I became the chief physician. Here, we eat only raw vegetable food, patients as well as employees, and the establishment is now in its sixth year.

Now, what is the reason why a one hundred per cent raw vegetable diet exerts such a beneficial effect on civilized individuals? First and foremost, because the raw food is live food as it is handed to us by nature. We all know that life on earth is completely dependent on our sun. If we had no sun, the earth would be without any life, dark and icy cold. Vital force is therefore identical with sun energy!

According to Dr. Hesselink, it is, however, only the plant with its widely unfolded thin green leaves, that is able to catch the sunlight and to deposit it in the form of roots and tubers, fruit and seeds. We human beings, and the animals, with massive bodies, are not able to utilize it to a sufficiently high degree. Therefore, both man and beast use plants as carriers between the sun and themselves. A fresh, raw vegetable diet is sunlight nourishment!

Dr. Bircher-Benner, of Zurich, realized this long ago. Dr. Hesselink, from Holland, believes that it is the atoms which are the carriers of the solar energy.


Fresh, raw vegetable food possesses the highest nutritive value, and this cannot be increased or improved; anything else, such as heating, drying, storing, fermentation or preservation, will tend to reduce and destroy its value. Boiled vegetables taste of nothing, so something must be done to make them palatable. We mix many different things together; we add salt, sugar, spices and butter. We remove the germ and the husk from the wheat to use the flour for baking. We polish the rice, we refine the sugar; we remove the skin, seeds, and cores of apples and pears, we peel the potatoes and scrape the carrots. Meat, fish, eggs and cheese supply us with an enormous surplus of animal protein. We make beverages of coffee and cocoa beans, and tea, which contain stimulating poisons.

We use the grapes for wine and brandy — intoxicating poisons — which first stimulate the gray cortex of the brain, and later paralyze it. We preserve food with chemicals, such as benzoic acid, salicylic acid, nitrates, boric acid and sulphurous acid in order that it may keep well, and look attractive. Further, we take anodynes, hypnotics, sedatives, and aperients–all strong chemical poisons — or at any rate, substances that are foreign to the organism. Among drugs which are misused to a great extent, tablets for headache, hypnotics, and aperients are much too predominant. In a small country like Denmark, the adviser on pharmacological matters of the Public Health Authorities is able to give us the following figures: consumption of drugs for headache 150 tons, aperients 15 tons, hypnotics 9 tons–annually.

Nicotine, too, is a ruinous stimulant, a still stronger poison than spirits; it causes sclerosis of the heart and the cardiac musculature to become undernourished. The heart becomes a flaccid bag instead of a firm muscle. Many busy men who die about the age of fifty years die of heart failure caused by chronic nicotine poisoning. Here, too, I have experienced that patients on a pure, raw vegetable diet gradually lose their taste for tobacco completely.

The ground, too, is wrongly cultivated when it is fertilized too much and too uniformly with chemical manure. We may run the risk that the ground becomes just as diseased as man — over-acidified, overnourished, and that it yields sick plants which are not fit for human food.


Raw food is termed live food by me, in contrast with such food as has been treated by heating, which I consider dead food. Care should be taken that the food does not include substances which counteract the chemistry of the organism, so that the waste products are not retained too long and putrefy in the large intestine. The best food is therefore completely natural food which has not been subjected to denaturation of any kind. To this must be added that live food is much easier to digest; it helps in the digestion itself just as the living baby co-operates in its delivery. Raw vegetables have been digested in the stomach and the intestines in an hour; boiled vegetables require almost three hours and leave more waste products, also offensive stools, impure blood, and poisoned and gradually impaired organs, whereas the raw food — live food — the sunlight nourishment, dissolves and excretes these poisons. Raw food is easy to digest, it spares and strengthens the organism in every respect because of its content of lifebases, and vitamins in their natural, living combination and relationship to one another. Everybody who can think, must be able to understand that our present nutrition is highly destructive — and is the most common and most serious cause of physical and psychic diseases and constitutional degeneration. We must seek more wholesome nourishment and more wholesome habits of life if we are to live better now and in the future. We cannot afford to compromise when life and health are concerned. We must follow the only right way — the one hundred per cent raw vegetable diet.

Let us consider for a moment how it influences our many different diseases. In the individual case it will always, on the one hand, depend on how good a constitution the patient has and how old he is, and on the other hand how poisoned, weakened and broken this constitution has gradually become because of preceding wrong nutrition and wrong habits. But it may be said, largely, that if, in spite hereof, the organism is fairly fit for work and able to utilize the exclusively raw diet, the latter will exert a curative effect on almost all our diseases, both those we have acquired during our span of life and those determined by hereditary predispositions.

Even the baby unborn may be injured in various ways. The impaired germ may determine both physical and psychic diseases. The baby may be injured by the wrong nutrition of the mother, because it is nourished through the impure blood of the mother. This may pave the way for disease so that the baby is born ill. After its birth the condition is aggravated, mostly because the mother’s milk is not as good, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Children all over the civilized world are born weaklings in a mild or severer degree, and who can estimate the future consequence thereof? Therefore, the sooner we go in for exclusively raw vegetable food, the sooner and better it will exert its effect. Children are assisted by nature, older individuals are rather opposed by nature. When a mother goes in for pure raw food, her milk secretion is immediately increased, the child thrives in all respects, the vitality is increased, and the mother can soon begin to give even young babies an addition of finely chopped fruit and vegetables; never, however, fruit and vegetables at the same time–always separately. It borders on the incomprehensible that a change can be effected so rapidly, just by giving the child wholesome mother’s milk, as much as it requires, and afterwards fruit and vegetables.

I have often experienced how a large family of brothers and sisters living exclusively on a raw vegetable diet became healthy, happy, lively and nice children in the course of a few months, so good is the effect of the exclusively raw vegetable diet in childhood, which is still assisted by nature and has not yet been ruined. The effect does not appear quite as soon in adults, but it is indisputable that raw vegetable food exerts a good effect on adults too, even psychically it brings about equanimity and harmonykindness and sympathy.

But what of the elderly sick or the very sick people who have gone in for this diet too late? How about them?

Well, they have to be patientenergetic, and very interested, and they must be able to rest much, at any rate to begin with. The first few days may be troublesome until they have become accustomed to this different food and habit of life. But they will soon do better; the bowels open regularly — two or three times daily — and this is a great encouragement to many. At the “Humlegarden” garlic has its great share in this improvement. Just one clove with every fruit meal is of effect, but it is, of course, better to eat a medium-sized garlic (from five to ten cloves) with the fruit meals. A number of works by various investigators have been published, dealing with the bactericidal effect of garlic, which people of former times guessed. According to investigations reported in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1944, a substance known as allicin, which exerts a great inhibitory effect on bacteria, has been found in garlic. This substance has been compared with penicillin in a number of experiments, and it appeared that allicin exerts its effects on practically all bacteria in contrast with penicillin, the effect of which is certainly stronger but much more limited. The use of garlic is rendered difficult because of its peculiar odor; therefore, people in Denmark often return to the “Humlegarden” to undergo a course of treatment with garlic. In the company of others who eat garlic themselves, the odor cannot be smelt at all.

Raw vegetable food, and in particular raw potatoes, exert an excellent effect on all forms of rheumatism and rheumatic arthritis when these diseases have not progressed too far. A good effect is also seen on the diseases related to those just mentioned and of the same causation, namely, loading with uric acid; it applies to psoriasis, hemicrania, stone-formation in the gallbladder, the renal pelvis and the urinary bladder. Almost all diseases of the skin are cured, in many cases even rapidly. Loss of hair, fat formation, and dandruff cease. All infectious diseases are cured or improve.

The garlic we eat exerts an excellent effect on putrefaction in the large intestine, and a clove of garlic in either side of the mouth, placed between the cheek and the teeth, will greatly accelerate the expurgation and cure of diseases in the upper respiratory tract, first and foremost ordinary colds if dealt with in time. Diseases such as catarrh of the nose, the throat and the larynx, bronchitis and tuberculosis of the lungs, inflammation of the frontal sinus or the maxillary sinus, chronicinflammation of tonsils and gums, inflammation of the middle ear, and others, are cured completely in most cases. Gastric catarrh, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, catarrh of the large intestine, and hemorrhoids too.

Women who carry through the raw diet during pregnancy feel well — delivery takes place readily and rapidly and almost without pain, the slender, healthy, strong baby cooperates. The raw food produces copious and good milk for the childduring the first year if the mother continues with this diet.

When a person is on an exclusively raw vegetable diet, it will, as a rule, be easy to stop smoking and drinking. Liquor does not taste well with raw vegetables. Smoking does not agree with garlic. On an exclusively raw vegetable diet no stimulants of any kind will be needed any more.

When cancer occurs, the organism is, as a rule, thoroughly destroyed. Cancer is the terminal stage. Here a one hundred per cent raw vegetable diet may prove helpful, alleviate the pain, prolong the life to some extent, because it agrees well with the patient. In the most favorable cases, when the cancer is dealt with in time, it may perhaps also be checked even for many years in some cases. I am an example of this myself, but then the seat of the cancer must not be in vital organs, such as the lungs, liver or stomach. And the treatment with raw food should be commenced as soon as the cancer is discovered, and it is an absolutely necessary condition that it is carried through one hundred per cent.

I want now to tell a little about my own case from 1942 to the present year. Up to 1946 I was doing well on my exclusively raw diet — the cancer of the breast was completely quiescent, and my general health was good.

But in the spring of 1946 we got some dried fruit from Sweden (raisins, dates, prunes, and figs). I thought then that it would be all right to eat it; but it was not. These are fruits which have been treated with chemical poisons in order to preserve them and to make them look attractive. Having taken them for three or four months, I suddenly developed violent pains in the scar-like tissue in the breast, and on closer examination; I found a small node in the right breast, in the same place as before. Once more I reverted to the fresh raw food, and the node disappeared.

The last and most dangerous thing for me was, however, the trial microscopy against which I had been dissuaded by Dr. M. Hindhede. I had to let it be done because so many — doctors in particular — maintained that I had never been suffering from cancer. It was made at the Radium Center in Copenhagen, in January, 1948. This trial microscopy was positive; there were cancer cells in the scar-like tissue in the skin of the right breast, but it was a benign form called scirrhus. My originally malignant, rapidly growing form of cancer had thus, under the influence of raw food, been converted into a benign form of cancer, which remains quiescent. But still this interference was just on the point of stirring up the cancer so much as to frighten me seriously. For the first time I developed metastases (two small nodules) in the armpit; and about six months on the exclusively raw diet were required to make them subside again. But it went well this time. Since then I have been in excellent health — all through last summer I was up at sunrise, and in my garden where I have been working hard several hours daily. This was far more wholesome than sitting indoors working as a doctor. Not only had I the patients at the “Humlegarden,” but also a large practice and correspondence out of town; this was more than I could manage.

On January 1st, 1949, I stopped practicing and took up gardening again, which had always been my great interest. For this purpose I had acquired about half a hectare (about one-and-a-quarter acres) of land near the “Humlegarden,” and here I learned how right it was to grow both fruit and vegetables biologically, that is, according to the laws of life. For manure I use only compost, seaweed, straw or hay; no chemical manure, no dung.

In conclusion, just a few words about the practical conditions and the everyday use of raw vegetable food. I am glad to be able to refer to my book Live Food,* which has just been brought out by a Dutch publishing house and which gives a detailed picture of the procedure to be followed when changing to a pure raw vegetable diet. (* not available in English)

It would be of great consequence if the medical profession would acquire greater knowledge in this field to a higher degree than is actually the case. Doctors from Denmark and from foreign countries have visited the “Humlegarden” for shorter or longer periods and have utilized their experience in their practice. The “Humlegarden” is visited by about one thousand patients annually. Here the patients, as well as the members of the staff, live exclusively on food that has not been treated by heating, and our experience is that a transition diet is quite superfluous. The raw vegetable diet can only be varied according to the seasons, and consists of three meals daily. We get a fruit meal in the morning and in the evening, and a vegetable meal in the middle of the day. Fruit and vegetables are never mixed. If the condition of the teeth permits it, the raw food is taken whole, otherwise it must be grated and reduced to small particles immediately before the meal. Once the raw food has been grated or chopped, it will not keep because it loses its content of vitamins. The raw food should be carefully chewed, preferably so well that it passes down all by itself, and even the grated raw food should at any rate be mixed well with saliva. We drink raw whole milk with all our meals, from half a liter to one liter daily (one liter equals one-and-three quarter pints approx.). Germinating corn, or dried corn, crushed or ground immediately before the meal is taken with the fruit. Garlic is medicine and is eaten with fruit and milk, cut into small pieces in varying quantities. All kinds of nuts provide a good supplement. The vegetable meal consists of green leaves, roots and tubers, with an admixture of a spoonful of honey. Potatoes are eaten with the peel because of the presence of an element, fluorine, which preserves the enamel of the teeth. Similarly, all fruit is eaten with the peel. In the cases of diseases such as gastric catarrh, gastric ulcer and the like, care should, however, be taken during the initial stages.

If the exclusively raw food with its associated sound habits of life prevails, a variety of things will improve. Diseases will gradually be obviated. Obesity, the most dangerous of all diseases, will become a rarity.

The housewife’s work will be reduced to half the time–and the leisure hours thus gained will be an invaluable advantage and joy for husband, children and home. The slender build, the erect carriage, the supple gait, the fresh complexion, the white, sound teeth and the vigorous hair will dominate the picture. When the body is healthy, the result will invariably be a sound mind. Our negative thoughts will be changed into positive ones, and develop the great cultural progress which the world is waiting for. Only then will life be worth living.


The following story we fond in the wil blow your mind!!!

By the time Shelley Abegg found out she had breast cancer in 2001, it had already advanced to Stage III — at which stage roughly 40 percent of patients die within five years.

Breast cancer patient beats cancer with raw food
Breast cancer patient beats cancer with raw food

Shelley, now 51, never saw it coming because she never felt a lump in her breast. Instead, the cancer was spread across several smaller deposits, leaving her unable to detect it by touch. In fact, the only reason she got a mammogram was because her doctor suggested a woman of her age — 44 at the time — should consider getting one.

So she made an appointment in mid-July 2001, not thinking much of it. Dozens of pictures later, she remembered, she knew something was wrong. Doctors called her back the next day to break the news: There was a 70-percent chance she not only had breast cancer, but a particularly advanced case.

“I still get emotional,” she said, tears clouding her eyes in the living room of her north Provo home. “I drove home that day bawling. I think the biggest thing for me was the fear of unknown.”

That August, a surgeon tried to remove the cancerous tissue from Shelley’s breast. Subsequent tests revealed that the malignancies had spread beyond the margins of the surgery. In short order, doctors recommended more surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiation.

But something about that didn’t sit right with her, she said — something like an inexplicable feeling that she wouldn’t survive it.

“It was like pictures came into my brain: ‘You will not win this,'” she said.

So the former Miss Orem kneeled and sought an answer in prayer. An impression came strongly — but it was every bit as mystifying as it was powerful, she said.

“Even when I went into prayer, that was just as scary,” she said. “I was thinking: ‘Food?'”

Shelley grew up in a home that preached healthy eating, and had conveyed the same emphasis to her son, Taylor, now 17. But never before had she tried eating just raw foods, a notion she felt becoming a “deep, deep conviction in [her] heart” after the prayer. Worse than that, friends, neighbors and doctors almost universally condemned her decision to decline conventional medicine in favor of a holistic approach.

“First, people looked at me like I had leprosy and like I’d lost my mind,” she said. “When I made a decision not to take the chemo and radiation, I was just so shocked at the response I got.”

What followed was a bout of loneliness unlike any she had endured before, she said. Several friendships were broken up over her decision, and though she stuck with it, she lived in fear of it every day.

“My constant battle was fear more than the disease,” she said. “We had to really travail a lot of things. I never knew anyone who had done it.”

If it wasn’t for the support of her son, she wouldn’t have stuck with the decision, Shelley said.

“He was the reason why I was determined not to die,” she said. “He said, ‘Mom, I’ll do this with you.'”

Taylor remembered not quite grasping the gravity of the situation as a young child.

“When you’re 9, you don’t understand it very well,” he said. “My mom was afraid, so I was pretty terrified.”

The first raw meal Taylor remembered was a butternut squash soup. Healthy, maybe — but it would be a while before his mom perfected the flavors of raw cuisine, he said.

“She was just winging it,” he said. “It wasn’t necessarily tasty at first.”

Another setback came when one of Shelley’s friends, a fellow breast cancer sufferer, succumbed to the disease in the midst of trying a holistic approach. She had tried chemotherapy and radiation three times before trying alternative medicine, but it was still a shock to see someone trying similar methods pass away during the fight, Shelley said.

But still she forged on, never reversing her decision.

“Every individual has their own journey,” she explained.

The first year of the diet was the toughest, Shelley said. Not only was she new to raw food preparation, but the cancer was continually hampering her spirits. She took classes and met from time to time with Dr. Kim O’Neill, a professor of microbiology at Brigham Young University and author of “Plant Power,” a book about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. O’Neill never diagnosed or treated Shelley — in fact, he confessed he was worried when she told him she was passing up chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, the two would talk about the latest in food research.

“Shelley had been interested in trying to look for different ways to comb cancer, and had talked to me about her breast cancer and about how she was approaching it with raw foods,” O’Neill said. “I definitely recommend conventional medical treatments, but also I know that there’s a lot of power in fruits and vegetables.”

Gradually, the cuisine improved, Shelley said. Surprisingly, so did how she felt.

“Back in 2001, I was so weak and getting worse,” she said. “When I would eat the food, the energy came back. I wasn’t tired anymore.”

People started commenting that Shelley looked younger than ever before — glowing skin, shining hair. Nothing like a cancer patient should. At the end of the first year, tests showed she was winning the fight. That was a huge psychological boost, she said.

Seven years later, the Abeggs are cancer-free diehard raw food converts. Shelley now uses cuisine as an outlet for her artistic leanings, having started a business online called Raw Food Art. She says she’s never felt better — but stresses again and again that she doesn’t claim to have the cure for anyone else.

“I am teaching the art of raw food as a career, not as the answer for curing cancer,” she said. “It depends on the individual and where they are for themselves.”

But she lives by a new mantra — “If you do what you’ve done, you’ll get what you’ve got — and encourages other cancer victims to reassess their lifestyle choices and consider taking a more active role in making their bodies healthier.

That’s a notion mainstream medicine is comfortable with, said Dr. Gary Garner, area medical director for VistaCare Hospice.

“Very little focus is on nutrition, very little focus is on keeping the body healthy,” he said. “I tell patients to be cautious and do as much research as they can. I think it’s supported very strongly.”

As for raw food and other specific holistic approaches, the verdict from the medical community is still out, Garner said. Alternative medicine has not benefited from the huge amounts of testing that conventional means have, he said.

“Many of the herbal therapies have been challenged with rigorous scientific studies. Some have fared well, some not very well,” he said. “I think that there’s a place for healthy nutrition. I think there’s a place for physical activity.”

O’Neill agreed, but said history has shown conventional medicine offers the best chance to fight cancer.

“Certainly there’s always going to be people who say, ‘Well, I did this and I’m cancer free,’ but they’re definitely not the norm,” he said. “I would definitely counsel to seek professional medical help. If on top of that they want to supplement that with some of these other alternative medicines, that’s fine.”

Shelley’s son, Taylor, is now a junior at Timpview High and thinking about his career options. High on that list is working in the medical field to put substantive evidence behind the healing abilities of food, he said.

“[Doctors] tend to frown upon a holistic method like this,” he said. “I think there needs to be some sort of research.”

Shelley, ever the proud mom, loves that idea.

“If more people could have some science instead of bumbling along like I did, what an advantage,” she said.

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How to Lose Weight Fast and Enjoying Your Raw Food! Part II

How to Lose Weight Fast and Enjoying Your Raw Food! Part II

  • Talk to people who are getting results
  • Get informed, do your research, and study. The internet is the best place to start getting informed
  • Mingle with people who are living the same lifestyle or activities you want to be involved in
  • Visit the different Raw Food Restaurants in your area
  • Eat Organic foods; Buy Organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and everything else
  • “Eating Raw-Organic is a preventive care” Ani Phyo
  • “I spend the most money in the food I eat, because it goes into my body. Some people buy a $1,000 purse or pair of shoes, and eat with $1!”  Ani Phyo
  • Lose Weight Fast w/ Raw Food-Eric Volkers Part II

Some people start the day with a strong breakfast:
-Eric’s breakfast!
– Organic Irish Oat Meal
– Organic Chlorella Powder & Organic Spirulina Powder
– Organic Blueberries, Raspberries & Goji Berries
– Organic Raw Honey from Bolivia
– Organic Raw Protein Powder and Organic Chia Powder
– Spring Alkaline water
and a green drink (Kale, Celery, Lemon, Apples, Dandelion, Celery & Ginger) – All Organic, of course

  • Carlos’ breakfast!
    – Green Smoothie if I do a light 20-minute exercise and some yoga exercise and stretching
    – 40% fruits and 60% green leaf
    – Mangoes, Spinach, and  Kale
    – Two medium oranges, Spinach, Kale, Ginger Root, Parsley
    – sometimes I alternate the green, and I use green onions, seeds of any citrus I eat that day or the day before (oranges, lemons, grapefruit)
    – Use your imagination
    – for my kids, my wife makes a 60% Frozen Mango and 40% green leaves
  • Carlos’ breakfast when he worksout:
    – A protein Powder with Alkaline water
    – Then my Green Smoothie!
    – Half an hour later, a Raw Chocolate Cookie, and/or some Raw Buckwheat  Cookies that my wife makes, or some Raw Granola

Eric: “Every single day I have a piece of cake” I really enjoy the Raw Food and desserts I eat!

  • We live for the delicious Raw desserts! Guilt FREE! No weight gain, but weight loss and more energy!
  • Try the Crystal Crunch-Berry Bar or the Dark Chocolate Caramel Bar from Euphoria Loves Rawvolution
  • Ice Cream, Chocolates, desserts are not bad for you. It’s when is chemically altered and genetically modified that is bad for you!
  • You are supposed to eat all this desserts every day, in moderation, and Raw Desserts gives you the healthy alternative to make it possible!
  • If I eat every day a cake from a place here in Beverly Hills, I’m sure I’ll be over weight again…
  • The body can’t utilize processed sugar, flour, and other pre-packed and/or already prepared and processed foods
  • That’s why diabetes is so common nowadays

Euphoria's Chocolate-Vainilla-Strawberry-Cheese Cake
Euphoria’s Chocolate-Vainilla-Strawberry-Cheese Cake

    Euphoria's Spirulina-Raw Cake

    Euphoria's Spirulina-Raw Cake

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Ask The Raw Food Guys!

Ask The Raw Food Guys! any question you have about Raw Food:

  • We’ve come to realize that being on a Raw Food Diet, or better a Raw Food Life Style!, is a life changing and exciting experience!  It could be the solution for most, if not all of your health challenges and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Where can I go to get a quick start on Raw Food?
  • You can get tremendous benefits and dramatic results in as little as 14 days on Raw Food
  • Raw Food can include any diet of primarily unheated food, or food cooked to a temperature less than 40 °C (104 °F) to 46 °C (115 °F).
  • We believe that TASTE is KEY in RAW FOOD.
  • Enjoying GUILT FREE, yes you read that correctly, GUILT FREE CHOCOLATES, and more!!!

Here are some immediate results you can experience by getting on a raw food diet.

  1. Increase of Mental Awareness
  2. Improvement of Athletic Performance, Stamina and Endurance
  3. Increase of Sexual Performance
  4. Increase of Physical and Mental Energy
  5. Makes Skin Beautiful and Radiant!
  6. Helps to keep and build a strong Immune System!
  7. Helps to make digestion easy, avoiding IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive ailments
  8. Makes hair grow faster and healthier
  9. Slows down aging considerably
  10. Improves your mood, making you feel happier!
  11. Guilt FREE Desserts and Chocolate EATING!

Carlos on the left, is 100% Vegetarian-Vegan, and 80% Raw.

Eric, right,  fluctuates between 70-100% Raw Vegan, but still eats meat.

An interview with Eric Volkers about his experience with Raw Food, and how he lost 65 pounds in about 7 months, just by eating Raw Food!!!

How to Lose Weight Fast by Eating Like a King! Part IV

How to Lose Weight Fast by Eating Like a King! Part V

Here is where you start your RAW FOOD Journey Now—-Raw2011


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Raw Food Guys Dinning at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution!

Raw Food Guys Dinning at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution!

We met a few weeks ago in Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, during “The Best Of Raw 2010” awards. We decided to take Raw Food and the Raw Food movement to the next level: general public, Corporate America, as well as internationally. We are the modern days Raw Foodists.

We are here to educate your taste buds and tell you what real food is like. Ingredients to better your health.

Dining at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, tasting and testing the Raw Food at this very well known restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

Raw Food Dinner at Euphoria: The Menu – Part I

Raw Food Dinner at Euphoria: Beautiful Skin and Digestion – Part II

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