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Raw Food helps tremendously to have a beautiful and radiant skin!

Energy Green Smoothies Revisited Part 2: Jeannette von Johnsbach’s Andreas Method

My last “A Green Smoothie a Day, keeps the doctors far away…” post was and is the most visited and successful one of all in the Raw Food Guys blog. Obviously there is a great interest on Green Smoothies, more than I’ve imagined.

I covered a great deal of information, benefits, and some simple recipes, as well as recorded two videos, showing how easy is to make a green smoothie, and a fruit smoothie.

When I thought I covered all there is to talk about green smoothies, I get an email entitled: “Bioavailable Minerals – Drink Up!” 

This incredible and smart article talks about why Minerals are vitally important to the production of cellular energy. For the body to effectively utilize minerals, they have to be in an ionic form.

And gest what, Green Smoothies provides us with those ionized Minerals! 

The article also mention other than Green Smoothie ways to get those precious Minerals in ionic ways.

Our contributor and author on this post, Jeannette von Johnsbach, founder of the Andreas Method, sends in her monthly Food for Thought (TM) Resource for Educated Choices newsletter, an invaluable information on Living Foods, Health, Life, and more very interesting, and educational material, not just to read, but very simple and practical to start using them on the spot!

Jeannette von Johnsbach’s Andreas Method, is a combination of different healing art services, which also include Nutrition based on Living Foods.

I will soon include a video interview with her.

Jeannette von Johnsbach
 Holistic Practitioner
 The Andreas Method



● The Andreas Method

● Massage and Body Work
● Homeopathy 
● Nutrition 
● Bioenergetic Therapy

Phone:     310.801.4288

Offices:    Private Practice in West LA, CA 


Food for Thought TM Resource for Educated Choices 
Bioavailable Minerals – Drink Up!
by Jeannette von Johnsbach
Minerals are vitally important to the production of cellular energy. For the body to effectively utilize minerals, they have to be in an ionic form. 
Most mineral supplements on the market are larger than micron sizes, which means they stay in the bloodstream, and eventually may become deposited in various tissue locations. 
The roots of plants are designed to break down the soil and absorb angstrom sized mineral particles. When we eat vegetables, or drink their juices, we receive angstrom-sized minerals, which are the key to optimal mineral absorption and vital for our body and spirit to thrive.
Juicing frees the nutrients of whole vegetables – especially green leafy vegetables and grasses, such as wheat grass and barley grass – which are an exceptional source of essential minerals, vitamins, chlorophyl, nutritional enzymes, structured water and essential amino acids. 
Except when doing a specific juice fast, juices are always an addition to plenty whole raw foods in a daily diet – not a substitute for them, because fiber has an important role of nourishing good bacteria in the gut and cleaning out the intestines like a broom.
Fruits do contain a lot of natural sugar, and the fiber slows down the absorption, preventing sugar rushes. Fruit juices are not recommended because of this very reason, as fruit juices have a very straining effect on the pancreas promoting hypoglycemia.
The best time to drink fresh pressed juice is on an empty stomach or one hour before eating a meal. Stay clear of pasteurized, store bought juice. 
Pure Synergy, which has been the gold standard for superfood blends in decades, is an excellent option when juicing is not an option. 
For more information and to order this amazing boost of synergistic whole foods nutrition, please go to
Drink Your Minerals 😉
Jeannette von Johnsbach

The Andreas Method | 310-801-4288 |

To Subscribe to the Food for Thought Updates, monthly newsletter, please email and 
write “subscribe FFT” into the subject line.

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Ani Phyo’s new book: “Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier . . . Super Fast”

Ani Phyo’s new book: “Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier . . . Super Fast”

Nice title 🙂

Ani Phyo-Ani"s 15-Day Fat Blast-The Kick Ass Plan to Get Lighter Tighter and Sexier Super Fast

Ani Phyo-Ani”s 15-Day Fat Blast-The Kick Ass Plan to Get Lighter Tighter and Sexier Super Fast

Who does not want to look Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier, and Super Fast? 50% of you are right, the other 50% are in denial!!!

Ani Phyo is not just a Living Foods/Raw Food educator and chef. She has been an athlete for many years, and she won the Raw Food annual award of “Sexiest Raw Woman” in the last three years! That speaks more than enough to make her an authority on Fat Burning Fast, and looking Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier…

Her new book “Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier . . . Super Fast” is coming up everywhere on May 1st.

Unfortunately I don’t have the book, even though I am very curious to read it, I don’t need it yet :-).

This is a sneak peek of the Table of Contents:

Ani-Phyo-Ani-s-15-Day-Fat-Blast-The Kick-Ass-Plan-to-Get-Lighter-Tighter-and-Sexier-Super-Fast

Ani Phyo-Ani”s 15-Day Fat Blast-The Kick Ass Plan to Get Lighter Tighter and Sexier Super Fast

  • Part I – Preparing for Take Off
  • Chapter 1 – The Raw Truth
  • Chapter 2 – Ready…What’s In It For You?
  • Chapter 3 – Set…What’s The Plan?
  • Chapter 4 – Go! The Diet Basics
  • Part 2 – Fat Blast – The 15 Days Countdown
  • Chapter 5 – Fat Blast Menus and Diet Plan
  • Phase 1 – Shake It Up
  • Phase 2 – Melt Down
  • Phase 3 – Blast Off
  • Chapter 6 – The Recipes – Shakes, Salads, Soup, Rolls Wraps, Noodles, and Desserts
  • Chapter 7 – Steady As She Goes: Fast Blast Diet Tips + Maintaining Your Weight Loss
  • Part 3 – The Rest Of The Story
  • Chapter 8 –  The Next Stage
  • Epilogue – The Unprocessed Life 

These are links to get her book in Amazon:

Sweepstakes in Face Book:


and more promotions and prizes in her website:

Enjoy it!



*Ani Phyo’s definition of health: “My definition of health is a balance across many things. I believe that health is much more than nutrition; obviously the nutrients that we out into our bodies help to fill our brain, and orchestrate the … in our bodies to be healthy and fight disease, to stay strong, to be vibrant, but it’s not just about nutrition, it’s about our state of mind,
I think one thing that is very important is our attitude or gratitude, giving thanks, being happy, and having healthy relationships with friends and family, helping others in our community and giving back.
Also exercise is a very big component and meditation, which is actually exercise and maintenance of the brain, I fell it’s very important stretching with things like yoga.
I thing there are a lot of things in life that needs to be balanced,”



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Nutrition – Design -Spirituality – Love from Silvie + Maryl!

Nutrition – Design -Spirituality – Love from Silvie + Maryl!

Yesterday I received a Face Book email from “an estranger” accepting my friend invitation. Honestly I do not remember sending it.

Her name is Cilvie Celiz. I went to her web site Silvie + Maryl and I had one of the most beautiful surprises of the last several years.

Just watch, listen. I do not need to say much more:

I was so happy listening to these women talking so well of such important subjects as Nutrition, Design, Spirituality, and Love in such a wise as well as loving way!

I might elaborate more on the subjects they talk about, later.

In the mean time, here are two more excelent videos from them:

Episode 1: “What is Health?”

“Health is in the mind, because everything you see outside of your self is a projection of what is going on inside of your self”

Episode 2: “What is Protein?”

“You find a much better protein in the plants kingdom. Protein is not an animal, it’s not a thing. It is a sequence of amino acids”

and here is their You Tube channel: Silvie+Maryl

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Rawesome Raid just begun! James Stewart is Free!

Rawesome Raid just begun! James Stewart is Free!

These are some comments we got in You Tube in the last three days:

If any of you do not want your comment re-posted here. please let us know.

Rawesome Foods Raid

Rawesome Foods Raid

Please collaborate with your ideas, and thoughts, by leaving a comment at the end! We’ll really appreciate.
We’ll be in touch with James to keep you informed of the future of Rawesome and Raw Milk

  1. YOU……the people have the power!!!! You need to know how to use your power. You have the numbers…the G-men can’t enforce everyone….can they?????? If each RAW FOOD LOVING person grew their own foods and then sell or barter them. In places where the sun shines you can grow veggies on balconies. All that is needed is container of dirt some NON GMO VEGGIE seeds. water and your urine. 1 part Urine mixed with 10 parts water or less fertilized every 2nd or 3rd day will produced yields of fresh raw veggies. The people have the power but you have to know how to use it to empower freedom of choice.
  2. Thank you for your open mind and wonderful channel here. Keep it up!!!
  3. @rawfoodguys Please watch “agenda 21 for dummies” when you get the time, as time runs out. While your at it research “codex alimentarius”. Now anyone who reads this is not able to say no one warned you. Most people refuse to accept this scary reality because subconsciously their brain knows they would need to take some sort of responsibility to do something. Life is also much easier in the herd. Beware, Alex Jones is a jesuit gatekeeper with a herd of his own.
  4. People have eaten natural foods for eons. What is wrong with AMERICA?!
  5. That’s ridiculous. People need to wake up!!
  6. That’s ridiculous. People need to wake up!!
  7. Thanks for posting this and giving us details about the court updates. Look forward to the 2nd part of James Stewart’s interview.
  8. To:rawfoodguys
    You are welcome brother. Do watch all of them and subscribe to be notified of future video uploads. This is powerful info we can use to put gov in its place, as a humble servant of the people. They are not the masters, we are. Pass this in to James Stewart, please.
  9. Haven’t you heard Obama is bringing change?
  10. @rawfoodguys Agenda 21 is what this is all about. De-population of the planet by 80%-95% is the ultimate goal of the Fascist global ruling elite. Just type in ‘Agenda 21’ on YT, and it’s all there. Alex Jones did a great segment on it in “ENDGAME”, free on YT.This isn’t about milk, it’s about CONTROL of the Sheeple and fomenting a Totalitarian Crony-Corporatist Fascist global police-state where we are all slaves under a ‘Techno-Feudal’ control-grid.Good luck!
  11. @rawfoodguys FIGHT!! RECLAIM THE USA!!
  12. @rawfoodguys Ive been posting this all over my social sites. It shows what has been going on in and around ME for the last 25 years.. It will only get worse if this is not met with full opposition
  13. Good thing he didn’t have any walnuts (Police took every thing! Even what they were not supposed to take!)
  14. Because it is not approved by the FDA oh but the turkey with salminilla no idea on the spelling and beef with ecoli and the list goes on and on they are all fine? We need to clean house in a major way. Our leaders are nothing but crooks in a mafia telling us what is best for us even when it’s not making laws that say we have to or can’t rather put certain thing’s into OUR OWN BODY”S??? Time to wake up and smell the gun powder. It will not change in a peaceful way. We protest and they just laugh (Not for long John!)
  15. There is one good thing about all of this….The focus will bring public attention on what’s truly going on and it will cause debate about all of these games that the USDA and the FDA are playing.
    Ultimately it will work against the powers that be.
  16. THE CORPORATE CARTELS (married monopolies) control the content of the propaganda that’s dressed up as news. Truly the dawning of Aquarius is the new age of indoctrination. (We are a little bit more optimists. Gandhi said: “Love and Truth will always win…”)
  17. Agenda 21 (Just Google or You Tube it and you’ll be amazed to watch it: it’s about the CODEX alimentarious)
  18. i hate fda i hate monsanto (We suggest to get educated, and fight in a peaceful way: read next comment. PLEASE WATCH IT AND EDUCATE YOUR SELF!))
  19. Hello,I would like to point you to a series of youtube videos about your rights and how to defend them personally. This is invaluable info for people who have to deal with government thugs, such as what happened to the people who were subject to the Rawesome raid. Here they are: share with James Stewart and everyone at the court house and others. Protest does not do very much to change things. Education and action does. If enough of us learn to stand up for our rights, things would change for the better quickly.Franc
  20. nope dolly… not boiled and pasteurized but made synthetically and packaged in a can…. oops! they have already done that!
    “Next thing they will say that needs to be done is that mother’s milk should be boiled and pasteurized”.

    This video deserved at least 30.000 views!

Rawesome Raid – Raw Testimonies – Food Being Disposed Off


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With Jason Mraz in Cafe Gratitude a Vegetarian & Raw-Living Foods Restaurant in LA

With Jason Mraz in Cafe Gratitude

Two weeks ago I went to have dinner with my wife to Cafe gratitude, one of our favorites Raw Food restaurants in LA.

Jason Mraz was there with a group of friends celebrating a girl’s birthday.

We went to him, introduced ourselves and exchange a few words. He is a really nice person, worm, sociable, and kind.

We took a picture with him, and went back to our delicious food and scrumptious desserts!

and this is some of what we ate. I forgot to take pictures on the dessert ;(

Jason not only is a great composer and musician; he laso promotes and uses renewable energy, and solar energy where he lives.

Jason Mraz @ Cafe Gratitude, Carlos Caridad & wife Edu

Jason Mraz @ Cafe Gratitude, Carlos Caridad & wife Edu

Cafe Gratitude-I Am Vibrant

Cafe Gratitude-I Am Vibrant

Cafe Gratitude-I Am Complete

Cafe Gratitude-I Am Complete

Cafe Gratitude-I Am Hearty

Cafe Gratitude-I Am Hearty

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