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When Is Cafe Gratitude Opening In Venice?

When Is Cafe Gratitude Opening In Venice?

Cafe Gratitude Venice IS OPEN!!! since noon, today, July, Tuesday 17th!

We received this award!

Video taken today, at the opening day of Cafe Gratitude Venice. I talked to founder Matthew Engelhart and his son and manager Ryland. We also were witnesses to the first Happy Birthday celebrated in this new location, to the song of Jason Mraz.

Last Update: Opening is expected by next week, July 16th the latest)
07-14-12:  According to a server from the Larchmond Cafe, the opening is imminent! This wekend, mock servings and kitchen running are being done to test how the open is done and to verify that the opening can be done when Cafe Gratitude Venice gets its last permit!!!

07-15-12: We heard that it is very likely Cafe Gratitude Venice is opening tomorrow Monday or Tuesday :-), though it’s not confirmed by official communications from the popular Los Angeles cafe in Larchmond street.

Cafe Gratitude Venice inside: beautiful!

07-16-12:I just called the Larchmond location, and they say: “may be tomorrow”. I “borrowed” this beautiful picture from the Facebook page of Cafe Gratitude:


According to Murphy’s Laws, “Everything takes long than it takes”. Hundreds of Cafe Gratitude fans, like me, are eagerly awaiting for the “What are you grateful for?” popular restaurant in LA, to open another one in the west side. The address is 512 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291.

Cafe Gratitude Venice, Rose Street view

Cafe Gratitude Venice, Rose Street view

About a year and a half ago I asked Terces Engelhart, co founder of Cafe Gratitude along with Matthew Engelhart, if they were planing to open another Cafe Gratitude in the west side of Los Angeles, and she told me “Yes, in Venice”. It was too good to be true, since I live 5 miles from the beach and 10 from Venice! (and my office is about 5 min from the new location:-)

The first date of the long awaited opening we had from Ryland, owner and manager at the LA joint and son of Matthew Engelhart, was May 15. Since then Murphy’s law took over and the opening was moved to June 15.

When we went to visit the Rose and 5th Street corner in Venice last week, we saw that final touches were being added, and last paint coats applied. The new place is bigger than the LA restaurant (2200 sq ft) with the added convenience of a long covered patio for outside sitting, and 42 parking spaces.

Today is June 22 and they were still not able to open the doors to the Venice crowd!

When Is Cafe Gratitude Opening In Venice

When Is Cafe Gratitude Opening In Venice?










Yesterday we got a word from a server from the LA Cafe, that training was taking place, and the new opening date is imminent. We don’t mind the wait for the new Cafe Gratitude in Venice, Los Angeles, as it is going to be the best restaurant in the area!

Cafe Gratitude Venice at night

Cafe Gratitude Venice at night










We’ll keep you posted with any news and updates.

Cafe Gratitude Venice-Covered Patio at night

Cafe Gratitude Venice-Covered Patio at night











  • 06-23-12: I called the Larchmond location of Cafe Gratitude just now, and they say the opening is expected now for early July
    Cafe Gratitude Sign/Logo

    Cafe Gratitude Venice Sign/Logo

  • 07-01-12: We stopped by Cafe Gratitude Venice and inside looks almost ready to open any time!


    Cafe Gratitude Venice is about to open!

  • 07-06-12: We called the Larchmond Cafe and they said Cafe Gratitude Venice is re-schedule to open next week, though the date is not set in stone yet…
    As I mentioned before, Murphy’s Laws says “Everything takes longer than it takes”…

    07-07-12: We went for breakfast to Cafe Gratitude LA and asked the server if she had any news about the opening of the Venice Cafe. They are waiting for three permits to be approved and they believe they are going to have the opening party next week or the July 16th the latest!

PS: I just noticed, the Cafe is about five blocks from the place where Rawesome, the raw private membership store, use to be…

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Dinner with Silvie and Maryl @ Gratitude Cafe LA!

Dinner with Silvie and Maryl @ Gratitude Cafe LA!

I had the privilege to meet and have dinner with Silvie and Maryl,, last Thursday at Cafe Gratitude!

We had a great time talking about everything! Non stop, engaging, thought provoking, and energizing talk!

Silvie and Maryl are two very educated sisters in almost any topic we talked about:

  • Healthy food. Silvie is a bilingual/bicultural holistic health doctor, entrepreneur, and life coach. She has a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and a doctorate in Natural Health with extensive studies in natural healing methods such as herbalism, mind-body therapies and traditional naturopathy. She is an expert in many plant-based lifestyles, such as raw, macrobiotic, vegetarianism and veganism, and has counseled others on the link between cellular nutrition and overall well-being
  • Spirituality
  • Exercise
  • Health
  • Love, they said they were going to talk about “How to find your soul mate”!
  • Design, and this subject is not just “exterior design” of your living or working place, but a life design! Maryl is a Feng Shui and color theory aficionado, and Maryl is also a passionate about the natural connection between spirituality and science, Reiki master, nutrition and astrology expert, and spiritual guide who specializes in self-discovery and helping others understand the universes within and outside of the self. She considers herself a student of the Universe.
  • Silvie is also Silvie is passionate about energy and design, from neurons and frequency to the human connection and creating realities.  She is a home decor maven, spiritual guide, and relationship expert. Her desire is for people to see themselves from the inside out instead of the outside in, with thoughts and cells as the main creators of individual well-being and healthy living.
  • Maryl is also a bilingual/bicultural writer, entrepreneur, and wellness expert.  She studied Print Journalism and Mass Communications at Florida International University and is a recipient of the California Endowment for Health Journalism Fellowship. She has written, reported, edited and produced for print, broadcast and web media, including The Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, Telemundo and Azteca America.
  • Just go to their website to read a lot more about them!

With Sylvie and Maryl @ Cafe Gratitude LA

With Silvie+Maryl @ Cafe Gratitude LA


I also learned that Silvie is a musician. We talked about natural cancer cures like using our technology of emotions. Se bottom video.

Silvie and Maryl @ Cafe Gratitude

Silvie and Maryl @ Cafe Gratitud


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Silvie+Maryl: The Path to Fulfillment, Where Love Begins, & Design Your Life

Silvie+Maryl: The Path to Fulfillment, Where Love Begins, & Design Your Life

Silvie and Maryl surprised me again with these three new beautiful, amazing, great videos!!!

Silvie+Maryl TV Episode 3: The Path to Fulfillment

In this video they talk about what Coldplay said in their beautiful song “Fix You”:
“When you get what you want but not what you need…”, the big difference between that thing we want (and don’t really need) and what is it that we really need?

Silvie+Maryl TV Episode 4: Where Love Begins

A step-by-step proven way of life to find a real and lasting romantic relationship, from inside out.

Silvie+Maryl TV Episode 5: Design Your Life

The importance of designing our life from inside out. To stop i life and asking what we really want our life to be, and plan/design it.

An excellent information and education on their Mind Upgrade series of healthy lifestyle videos on love, nutrition, spirituality and design created to transform your life holistically from the inside out.

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