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Vitamix – Blendtec Blenders Review – Benefits of an Alkaline Body

Vitamix – Blendtec Blenders Review –¬†Benefits of an Alkaline Body

We received this award ūüôā

I first heard of the Vitamix – Blendtec blender while shopping at Costco about five years ago. I was skeptical about the product because like many kitchen tools, they work like magic when the demonstrator uses them, but when you bring them home, somehow you can’t get the same results.

When I was introduced to green smoothies with the concept that you use 40% green leafy vegetables, 60% of fruits and water in a blender, I tried it with my regular blender at home. The smoothie ended up with a lot of tiny particles of spinach or kale. Not a pleasant drink. I then bought the Vitamix and the difference was mind blowing. The fruits and leafy greens were turned into the smoothiest smoothy I ever had.

Since then my family has been using the Vitamix at least three times a day: for smoothies, salad dressings, tahini, deserts, ice cream, soups, puddings, cheesecakes, and all of them delicious mostly due to the processing power of the Vitamix!

How to make a delicious fruit smoothie!

Buy A Blendtec Blender here!

Uses of Vitamix – Blendtec Blenders

We use our Vitamix for:

  • Green smoothies EVERY day!
  • Fruit smoothies, specially for our children
  • DELICIOUS ice scream/sorbet: frozen mango, fresh¬†strawberries,¬†fresh¬†banana!.¬†UNBELIEVABLE¬†taste¬†and refreshing! Our kids just LOVE it! and it’s the best replacement for the junk ice creams for them!

Vitamix Blender

  • All king of raw sauces and dressings, specially dressings to replace¬†mayonnaise:¬†cashews, garlic, sea salt, olive oil,¬†lemon juice¬†and some times an herb or two.
  • Dressing or mix to make kale chips!!! just awesome taste and you save tons of money! (about $15 a bag!)
  • CAKES, yes, the most delicious chocolate, pumpkin and other raw cakes!
  • Chocolate truffles,¬†haystacks, desserts!!! They are just out of this world!¬†
  • Some of the ingredients of chocolate desserts are: we grind sesame seeds to a very fine powder; then mix it with coconut oil/butter, chocolate, some agave or honey (just a little bit), goji berries and sea salt.
  • Soups, delicious soups.
  • The filling of raw lasagna.
  • and with the leftovers or spoiled green, we make a “green smoothie” for our plants and flowers!¬†

I can be writing many more paragraphs about the benefits of having a Vitamix or a Blendlec blenders. However, until you don’t buy one and try it for your self, you won’t really experience those benefits and delicious foods and desserts :-).

More on Benefits of Green Smoothies and an Alkaline body!

Watch this video on how to heal a broken heart.


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When Is Cafe Gratitude Opening In Venice?

When Is Cafe Gratitude Opening In Venice?

Cafe Gratitude Venice IS OPEN!!! since noon, today, July, Tuesday 17th!

We received this award!

Video taken today, at the opening day of Cafe Gratitude Venice. I talked to founder Matthew Engelhart and his son and manager Ryland. We also were witnesses to the first Happy Birthday celebrated in this new location, to the song of Jason Mraz.

Last Update: Opening is expected by next week, July 16th the latest)
07-14-12:  According to a server from the Larchmond Cafe, the opening is imminent! This wekend, mock servings and kitchen running are being done to test how the open is done and to verify that the opening can be done when Cafe Gratitude Venice gets its last permit!!!

07-15-12: We heard that it is very likely Cafe Gratitude Venice is opening tomorrow Monday or Tuesday :-), though it’s not confirmed by official communications from the popular Los Angeles cafe in Larchmond street.

Cafe Gratitude Venice inside: beautiful!

07-16-12:I just called the Larchmond location, and they say: “may be tomorrow”. I “borrowed” this beautiful picture from the Facebook page of Cafe Gratitude:


According to Murphy’s Laws, “Everything takes long than it takes”. Hundreds of Cafe Gratitude fans, like me, are eagerly awaiting for the “What are you grateful for?” popular restaurant in LA, to open another one in the west side. The address is 512 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291.

Cafe Gratitude Venice, Rose Street view

Cafe Gratitude Venice, Rose Street view

About a year and a half ago I asked Terces Engelhart, co founder of Cafe Gratitude along with Matthew Engelhart, if they were planing to open another Cafe Gratitude in the west side of Los Angeles, and she told me “Yes, in Venice”. It was too good to be true, since I live 5 miles from the beach and 10 from Venice! (and my office is about 5 min from the new location:-)

The first date of the long awaited opening we had from Ryland, owner and manager at the LA joint and son of Matthew Engelhart, was May 15. Since then Murphy’s law took over and the opening was moved to June 15.

When we went to visit the Rose and 5th Street corner in Venice last week, we saw that final touches were being added, and last paint coats applied. The new place is bigger than the LA restaurant (2200 sq ft) with the added convenience of a long covered patio for outside sitting, and 42 parking spaces.

Today is June 22 and they were still not able to open the doors to the Venice crowd!

When Is Cafe Gratitude Opening In Venice

When Is Cafe Gratitude Opening In Venice?










Yesterday we got a word from a server from the LA Cafe, that training was taking place, and the new opening date is imminent. We don’t mind the wait for the new Cafe Gratitude in Venice, Los Angeles, as it is going to be the best restaurant in the area!

Cafe Gratitude Venice at night

Cafe Gratitude Venice at night










We’ll keep you posted with any news and updates.

Cafe Gratitude Venice-Covered Patio at night

Cafe Gratitude Venice-Covered Patio at night











  • 06-23-12: I called the Larchmond location of Cafe Gratitude just now, and they say the opening is expected now for early July
    Cafe Gratitude Sign/Logo

    Cafe Gratitude Venice Sign/Logo

  • 07-01-12: We stopped by Cafe Gratitude Venice and inside looks almost ready to open any time!


    Cafe Gratitude Venice is about to open!

  • 07-06-12: We called the Larchmond Cafe and they said Cafe Gratitude Venice is re-schedule to open next week, though the date is not set in stone yet…
    As I mentioned before, Murphy’s Laws says “Everything takes longer than it takes”…

    07-07-12: We went for breakfast to Cafe Gratitude LA and asked the server if she had any news about the opening of the Venice Cafe. They are waiting for three permits to be approved and they believe they are going to have the opening party next week or the July 16th the latest!

PS: I just noticed, the Cafe is about five blocks from the place where Rawesome, the raw private membership store, use to be…

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Energy Green Smoothies Revisited Part 2: Jeannette von Johnsbach’s Andreas Method

My last¬†‚ÄúA Green Smoothie a Day, keeps the doctors far away‚Ķ‚Ä̬†post was and is the most visited and successful one of all in the Raw Food Guys blog. Obviously there is a great interest on Green Smoothies, more than I’ve imagined.

I covered a great deal of information, benefits, and some simple recipes, as well as recorded two videos, showing how easy is to make a green smoothie, and a fruit smoothie.

When I thought I covered all there is to talk about green smoothies, I get an email entitled: “Bioavailable Minerals – Drink Up!”¬†

This incredible and smart article talks about why Minerals are vitally important to the production of cellular energy. For the body to effectively utilize minerals, they have to be in an ionic form.

And gest what, Green Smoothies provides us with those ionized Minerals! 

The article also mention other than Green Smoothie ways to get those precious Minerals in ionic ways.

Our contributor and author on this post, Jeannette von Johnsbach, founder of the Andreas Method, sends in her monthly Food for Thought (TM) Resource for Educated Choices newsletter, an invaluable information on Living Foods, Health, Life, and more very interesting, and educational material, not just to read, but very simple and practical to start using them on the spot!

Jeannette von Johnsbach’s Andreas Method, is a combination of different healing art services, which also include Nutrition based on Living Foods.

I will soon include a video interview with her.

Jeannette von Johnsbach
 Holistic Practitioner
 The Andreas Method



‚󏬆The Andreas Method

‚óŹ Massage and Body Work
‚óŹ Homeopathy¬†
‚óŹ Nutrition¬†
‚óŹ Bioenergetic Therapy

Phone:     310.801.4288

Offices:    Private Practice in West LA, CA 


Food for Thought TM Resource for Educated Choices 
Bioavailable Minerals – Drink Up!
by Jeannette von Johnsbach
Minerals are vitally important to the production of cellular energy. For the body to effectively utilize minerals, they have to be in an ionic form. 
Most mineral supplements on the market are larger than micron sizes, which means they stay in the bloodstream, and eventually may become deposited in various tissue locations. 
The roots of plants are designed to break down the soil and absorb angstrom sized mineral particles. When we eat vegetables, or drink their juices, we receive angstrom-sized minerals, which are the key to optimal mineral absorption and vital for our body and spirit to thrive.
Juicing frees the nutrients of whole vegetables Рespecially green leafy vegetables and grasses, such as wheat grass and barley grass Рwhich are an exceptional source of essential minerals, vitamins, chlorophyl, nutritional enzymes, structured water and essential amino acids. 
Except when doing a specific juice fast, juices are always an addition to plenty whole raw foods in a daily diet Рnot a substitute for them, because fiber has an important role of nourishing good bacteria in the gut and cleaning out the intestines like a broom.
Fruits do contain a lot of natural sugar, and the fiber slows down the absorption, preventing sugar rushes. Fruit juices are not recommended because of this very reason, as fruit juices have a very straining effect on the pancreas promoting hypoglycemia.
The best time to drink fresh pressed juice is on an empty stomach or one hour before eating a meal. Stay clear of pasteurized, store bought juice. 
Pure Synergy, which has been the gold standard for superfood blends in decades, is an excellent option when juicing is not an option. 
For more information and to order this amazing boost of synergistic whole foods nutrition, please go to
Drink Your Minerals ūüėČ
Jeannette von Johnsbach

The Andreas Method | 310-801-4288 |

To Subscribe to the Food for Thought Updates, monthly newsletter, please email and 
write¬†“subscribe FFT” into the subject line.

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James Stewart – Rawesome Foods, Arrested- $1M Bail

Why don’t the Feds, FDA, and Government agencies go after drug dealers,¬†murderers,¬†rapists¬†instead?

On August 2011, Rawesome, a private membership raw foods club, was raided by FDA, Dept. of Health and other government agencies.

The Feds took all raw food and the manager, James Stewart, was taken to jail. He was bailed out a week later.

A week ago, in a preliminary hearing, James Stewart was treated worst than  Al Capone and other criminals. His crime? Selling organic, healthy, and raw food!

James Stewart was “ambushed” in a preliminary hearing in court. Given the option of $1M bail, he and Sharon Palmer ($2M bail) were handcuffed and send to jail, because they didn’t have that money in their pockets…

The first comment my wife made was:
“How interesting James bail was so high, $1,000,000. Usually the bail amount is according to the crime or offense. That means the government agencies are so scared of how much money can be made on raw-organic food sales”

I went o Google “bail amounts” and to my surprise there is a comprehensive table of Bail Amounts, with more than 300 Offenses listed:
Guess what is the highest amount?

Code Section 187 Murder $1,000,000

This means for the USA government James Stewart, $1,000,000 bail, and Sharon Palmer, $2,000,000 bail, are murderers!!!

Now I wonder, who do they murder! Some organic chicken, cow, lamb? What about regular butchers? Do they go to jail?

From the “How Is Bail Amount Set”,
Bail amount is generally predetermined by the Uniform Bail Schedule of each county where the alleged crime was committed.  Each year or so, a panel of judges from around the county come together in order to discuss and adopt a countywide bail schedule which sets the bail amounts for each specific crime.  They take into consideration a number of factors that are specific to that areas needs and jurisdiction.  This is why each county has different bail amounts for the same type of crime.

There is something off here. James could have done something not 100% according to the FDA, Dept. of Health self written rules. But “MURDER”? Yes go and see the Bail Amounts table:

I just found another Maximum Bail Amounts, from They say that the two highest bails are for $1,000,000 and $2,000,000, for Controlled substance. I understand that this is an offense done by an MD who sells prescription medicines, like narcotics, whiteout medical need, just to make the money.
Are James and Sharon accused of that?!?!?!?!?!

Here is the official “2012 Bail Amount Schedule” from the Superior Court of California:
The maximum bail amount is $1,000,000 for murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, aggravated Mayhem, and the like.?!?!?!?!

I’ve been to Rawesome and I interviewed James Stewart, and this is what I saw:

James Stewart at Rawesome with clients

What happens is that our government is afraid that healthy people will also have healthy brains and thoughts, and those healthy people won’t buy the controlling agenda of the FDA and government agencies.



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(How to Lose Weight Fast) Painlessly and Enjoying Your (Raw Food) and Life! Part III-b

How to Lose Weight Fast Painlessly and Enjoying Your Raw Food and Life! Part III-b
Raw Food Desserts and Chocolates!!!

Summary of the video transcription:

  • Tasting the BEST chocolate I know of: Cru’s Chocolate Truffle Cake…
  • A friend told me about the Cru’s Chocolate Truffle Cake: “This Chocolate cake is orgasmic!!!” …
  • If I am in a bad mode, just give me a Raw dessert or chocolate!!!
  • Or take me to a Raw Food Restaurant and my day is already good!!!
  • When we used to go to regular cooked food restaurants, we end up feeling heavy, sleepy, and some people even need Peptobismol!?!?! (I apologize for the spelling. I’ve never seen or take that medication!)
  • My mother called me to tell me she had a vegan chocolate cake, and it was so good! and she is not even into healthy raw food or even vegetarianism!
  • Raw food puts you in an energetic state where you want to have more sex…
  • We had interviewed many raw food men and all of them report a healthy increase in libido and better sexual life!!!
  • The not so healthy food and chemicals in it is what makes you feel down, tired, and have lack of energy.
  • Raw Food is a natural and healthy aphrodisiac. Carlos Caridad
  • Yes, sex life¬†improves¬†because it gets (blood) circulation going, when you eat the right (raw) food
  • This is my own opinion: Sexual enhancer like Viagra, etc., increases¬†blood¬†circulation on sexual organs and have serious side effects (including dependency and vision abnormalities,¬†from headache to heart attack). Raw Food does the same but in ALL organs and body parts!!!…and keeps you healthy and energetic!!! without side effects!!! ūüôā
    People who incorporate a high percentage of Raw Food in their diet have thinner blood, thus mental clarity, memory improvement, feel better about them selves, happier, and other benefits are shown and enjoyed. 
  • Some people ask:¬†can someone lose weight on green smoothies with raw protein?
    The answer is definitely YES! because Raw Protein is absorbed completely,  without over working the digestive system, without leaving foreign residues that the body does not know what to do with them. Those foreign chemicals or toxins, are deposit in different parts of the body, like fatty tissue, and takes a lot of work to get ride of them!
    Carlos Caridad


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