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Reiki Energy Healing Training Workshop – Los Angeles

The Future of Energy Healing Training is Here!

Reiki Energy Healing Training Workshop in Los Angeles

According to Dr. Oz, Reiki, a form of energy healing, “is the future of medicine”.

I completely agree with it because for the last 5 years the only healing method I’ve been using is energy healing.

Watch what the participants of the Sacred Seal of Reiki Test Group have to say about the Energy Healing training workshops:

Sacred Seal of Reiki School was founded by Matias Mahia and Carlos Caridad. It’s based in Los Angeles and they train anywhere “where two or people gather together”.

Call or email them to sign in to their workshops: 
Carlos Caridad – T: +1 310 592 1813 – E:
Matías Mahia    – T: +1 760 846 3073 – E:

Energy Healing works with the subtle energies that surrounds our bodies and connect us with all living things.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means “Intelligent/Smart Living Energy”. This means that when receiving a Reiki Energy Healing session, this Energy energize our energy centers (chakras) and goes/heals what we need. The practitioner, in most cases, doesn’t even need to direct the energy because it’s intelligent and goes where the receiver/client needs it.

The meaning of the Reiki word is:
The Universal Life Force Energy that flows through all living things
Other ways to explain its meaning are: Intelligent living energy or bio-energy. Thus. Reiki is a bio-energy healing modality of energy medicine or energy healing.

The Japanese word pronounced ray – key means Universal Life Force Energy
Rei means “Universal and refers to the spiritual or Energetic dimension of the soul
Ki means “The vital life force energy that flows through all living things” (our bodies)

This is the formal invitation to their workshops:

Dear Ones,

We are happy to announce the launch of our 2015 Traditional Reiki Certification Program. 

 Starting with Traditional Reiki – Levels 1 & 2, Certification Training (Usui Style), on a 2-day workshop.

March 7th & 8th
Time: 10am to 6pm
Location: Torrance CA

With Matias Mahia​ and Carlos Caridad​

Register here:

Watch this video summarizing our last
training workshop and what participants said about it:

Experience the power of Energy Healing. 
Embody the Energy healer that you are by birthright.
Get professional Reiki Training
and make a difference in the Energy Healing World.


Day 1: Sat – Mar 7th / 10am to 6pm

Embody the innate Energy Healer you are
and enhance it with the power of Reiki tradition.

  • What is Reiki?
  • Learn its foundational practices.
  • Develop your inner Energy Healing capacities.
  • Learn Reiki Mantras for a Balance Life.
  • Learn Reiki Meditations to awake the energy centers
    and channels.
  • How to perceive your own and other people’s energy.
  • Protection Technique.
  • Self-Reiki (how to treat yourself).
  • Reiki to others (how to do treatment to others, e.g.
    people, animals, plants).

Day 2: Sun – Mar 8th / 10am to 6pm

Empower your practice with some
of the higher elements of the Reiki Tradition.

  • Understand the energy of the Reiki Symbols.
  • Reiki Undo.
  • Bio-Zen Energy Scanning.
  • Han-Shin / Zen-Shin –
    Awakening the meridians
    and stimulation of the blood flow.
  • Symbol 1 – How this energy affects the material world.
  • Symbol 2 – Mental Emotional Balance.
  • Symbol 3 – Distance Reiki.
  • Practice the energy of the Reiki Symbols on yourself and others.

Turn your practice into a powerful tool for Energy Healing.

Cost: $350 – Includes an attunement, lecture, manual (study material) 
and a certificate of completion per each class.

Register here:

Mission Statement


“We empower people to take responsibility of their lives, 
by helping them become aware of their energetic nature”.

 Email us or call us with your questions:

Carlos Caridad – T: +1 310 592 1813 – E:
Matías Mahia    – T: +1 760 846 3073 – E:

Location: Torrance CA. USA

Copyright © 2015 Sacred Seal of Reiki, All rights reserved. 
You are in this list, because you are a part of the Sacred Seal of Reiki 

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