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Excalibur: 101 Ways to Easily Dehydrate Raw-Living Foods

101 Ways to Easily Use the Excalibur Dehydrator @ Home

A dehydrator like the Excalibur is a must have Row-Living Foods appliance to prepare dehydrated foods and preserving enzymes and vitamines in vegetables, fruits, and other raw-living foods.

A dehydrator is easy to use and the food prepared on it is just delicious, because not only keeps all living enzyme & vitamines, it also preserves and concentrates the flavor, making dehydrated foods just delicious!

Buy an Excalibur Dehydrator here!

Drying foods is a very ancient food preservation practice. It was the only way to keep food from decomposing, before the refrigerator was made affordable to the masses. Food dehydration was known by all cultures, who dried meat, vegetables, and fruits and store them for winter consumption. I know, we do not eat meat ūüôā

Dehydrating is very easy to do now days with the help of an electric dehydrator like the Excalibur. There are a few other food dehydrators in the market, all of them with similar performance and prices. You can not make a mistake by starting with an Excalibur.

Even though I drink green smoothie every day, I still find kale a little strong. When we prepare kale chips, its flavor is just out of this world! and I can eat a try of kale chips in one sitting!

You can start buying the basic Excalibur Dehydrator here.

In this video we show you how we prepare a packed with nutrients mushroom-bell pepper-onions side dish, wich only has olive oil and Bragg Liquid Aminos as dressing. You just wont believe what delicious it is! Try it, it’s so easy to prepare; we do it in about 5 minutes, and over night dehydration. The flavor is so rich and concentrated that you can’t believe it is coming from just five ingredients!

Among the benefits of dehydrated living foods, we found:

  • It is a packed with nutrients healthy snak
  • Flavor is outstanding!
  • Make your own crackers and cookies knowing what are the ingredients in them!
  • It can be stored for much longer times than fresh foods
  • Ideal to take to work and trips
  • Warm foods without destroying enzymes, like when you want to soften raw coconut oil
  • Easy to prepare and eat
  • Preparation require few ingredients
  • Almost all of the nutrients are preserved in dehydrated foods
  • Dehydrating fruits & vegetables is an economical way of preserving local seasonal food
  • Make your own granola, and trail mix to always have on hand when you need a snack
Excalibur Dehydrator Raw-Living Foods

Buy an Excalibur Dehydrator here!

The only thing you need now is to take action, buy one Excalibur Dehydrator, and start preparing some raw-living foods!
More videos with recipes and ways to effectively use the Excalibur Dehydrator coming up…


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(THRIVE – The Movie): The Fight For Power by Oppressing The People

THRIVE – The Movie: The Fight For Power by Oppressing The People

  • Are you still wondering why Rawesome was raided by the Health Department, FDA,¬†California Dept. of Food and Agriculture, LAPD, and who knows who? (whoever is cowardly behind this…)
    Watch THRIVE, the movie for some answers…
  • Do you wonder why 90% of the wealth is in the hands of just 5% of people?
    Watch THRIVE, the movie for some answers…
  • Do you ask your self why we do not have the freedom to choose healthy food?
    The answer is also in THRIVE, the movie…
  • Now you can see it¬†FREE¬†here: THRIVE. This movie has been taken down from You Tube several times. If you can’t find it on this link¬†THRIVE, the movie, just search in You Tube or Google: “Thrive the movie” until you find it. Or just buy it at the Thrive Movement:¬† It’s way worth it!
  • This is the trailer of the movie: It will be one of the best 2 hours and 8 ¬†minutes of your life you had ever spent in front of your computer!¬†ūüėČ

  • @ 1:08:08 – “Give me control ove a nation’s currency and I care not who makes the laws”, Baron Mayor Amschel Rothschild, and how money is controlled.
  • “The elite are positioning them selves to control access to virtually everything we need to survive”
  • “No matter where you go in the world, the¬†money¬†is controlled by the Bank system.
    – They decide what PEOPLE EAT OR DON’T EAT.
    – Who is a billionaire and who lives on less than a DOLLAR A DAY.
    – He who¬†controls¬†the money controls the world…, and a very few control the money.
  • @ 1:09:36Uncovering the Global Domination Agenda: When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest”, by¬†Anonymous
    Р They have to control Money:
    + Central Banking System
    + Federal Reserve
    + IMF (International Monetary Found)
    + World Bank
    Controlling the Money allows them to control everything else…
    Р They need to control ENERGY:
    + Oil
    + Gas
    + Coal
    + Nuclear Energy
    and they do…
    + (Not Free Energy yet ūüėČ
    The need to control Food & Water, they already control Agriculture and World Trade, they are buying water suplies world wide…
    + Agribusiness
    + World Trade
    + Water Sources
    They got health in their pockets (or un-health, I should say..) and THEY ARE TRYING TO SUPPRESS ALTERNATIVES.
    + Pharmaceuticals
    + Medical Schools (financed by the big Pharma…)
    +  Research (BS to get money from un-educated people @ markets and frivolous fund raising like Susan Komen, etc.)
    + Natural Alternatives, not yet ūüėČ
    – ¬†They have to control information and how we react to it (manipulate it-us to accept blindly what ever they want…) INDOCTRINATION
    + Compulsory Standardized Education
    + Media
  • @ 1:11:06 – They want to control the Internet…


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Dinner with Silvie and Maryl @ Gratitude Cafe LA!

Dinner with Silvie and Maryl @ Gratitude Cafe LA!

I had the privilege to meet and have dinner with Silvie and Maryl,, last Thursday at Cafe Gratitude!

We had a great time talking about everything! Non stop, engaging, thought provoking, and energizing talk!

Silvie and Maryl are two very educated sisters in almost any topic we talked about:

  • Healthy food. Silvie is a bilingual/bicultural holistic health doctor, entrepreneur, and life coach. She has a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and a doctorate in Natural Health with extensive studies in natural healing methods such as herbalism, mind-body therapies and traditional naturopathy. She is an expert in many plant-based lifestyles, such as raw, macrobiotic, vegetarianism and veganism, and has counseled others on the link between cellular nutrition and overall well-being
  • Spirituality
  • Exercise
  • Health
  • Love, they said they were going to talk about “How to find your soul mate”!
  • Design, and this subject is not just “exterior design” of your living or working place, but a life design! Maryl¬†is a Feng Shui and color theory aÔ¨Ācionado, and¬†Maryl is also a passionate about the natural connection between spirituality and science, Reiki master, nutrition and astrology expert, and spiritual guide who specializes in self-discovery and helping others understand the universes within and outside of the self. She considers herself a student of the Universe.
  • Silvie is also¬†Silvie is passionate about energy and design, from neurons and frequency to the human connection and creating realities.¬† She is a home decor maven, spiritual guide, and relationship expert. Her desire is for people to see themselves from the inside out instead of the outside in, with thoughts and cells as the main creators of individual well-being and healthy living.
  • Maryl is also a bilingual/bicultural writer, entrepreneur, and wellness expert.¬† She studied Print Journalism and Mass Communications at Florida International University and is a recipient of the California Endowment for Health Journalism Fellowship. She has written, reported, edited and produced for print, broadcast and web media, including The Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, Telemundo and Azteca America.
  • Just go to their website to read a lot more about them!

With Sylvie and Maryl @ Cafe Gratitude LA

With Silvie+Maryl @ Cafe Gratitude LA


I also learned that Silvie is a musician. We talked about natural cancer cures like using our technology of emotions. Se bottom video.

Silvie and Maryl @ Cafe Gratitude

Silvie and Maryl @ Cafe Gratitud


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Rawesome and James Stewart News & Update – Oct 6th,2011 hearing

Rawesome and James Stewart Update

This is new video from James Stewart, Rawesome manager, attorney Ajna Sharma-Wilson, on the Oct 6th,2011 hearing James.

Ajna Sharma-Wilson comments on how much money our government had spend persecuting James Stewart-Rawesome, about A MILLION DOLLARS, instead of using that money to stop drugs or do other POSITIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS!

And why not add this video about OCCUPY WALL STREET? Almost in the same line of thought…

(Unfortunately¬†the video was removed…I’m sure it wasn’t convenient for some people this video to be seen for the masses…)

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Silvie+Maryl: The Path to Fulfillment, Where Love Begins, & Design Your Life

Silvie+Maryl: The Path to Fulfillment, Where Love Begins, & Design Your Life

Silvie and Maryl surprised me again with these three new beautiful, amazing, great videos!!!

Silvie+Maryl TV Episode 3: The Path to Fulfillment

In this video they talk about what Coldplay said in their beautiful song “Fix You”:
“When you get what you want but not what you need…”, the big difference between that thing we want (and don’t really need) and what is it that we really need?

Silvie+Maryl TV Episode 4: Where Love Begins

A step-by-step proven way of life to find a real and lasting romantic relationship, from inside out.

Silvie+Maryl TV Episode 5: Design Your Life

The importance of designing our life from inside out. To stop i life and asking what we really want our life to be, and plan/design it.

An excellent information and education on their Mind Upgrade series of healthy lifestyle videos on love, nutrition, spirituality and design created to transform your life holistically from the inside out.

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