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(THRIVE – The Movie): The Fight For Power by Oppressing The People

THRIVE – The Movie: The Fight For Power by Oppressing The People

  • Are you still wondering why Rawesome was raided by the Health Department, FDA, California Dept. of Food and Agriculture, LAPD, and who knows who? (whoever is cowardly behind this…)
    Watch THRIVE, the movie for some answers…
  • Do you wonder why 90% of the wealth is in the hands of just 5% of people?
    Watch THRIVE, the movie for some answers…
  • Do you ask your self why we do not have the freedom to choose healthy food?
    The answer is also in THRIVE, the movie…
  • Now you can see it FREE here: THRIVE. This movie has been taken down from You Tube several times. If you can’t find it on this link THRIVE, the movie, just search in You Tube or Google: “Thrive the movie” until you find it. Or just buy it at the Thrive Movement: It’s way worth it!
  • This is the trailer of the movie: It will be one of the best 2 hours and 8  minutes of your life you had ever spent in front of your computer! 😉

  • @ 1:08:08 – “Give me control ove a nation’s currency and I care not who makes the laws”, Baron Mayor Amschel Rothschild, and how money is controlled.
  • “The elite are positioning them selves to control access to virtually everything we need to survive”
  • “No matter where you go in the world, the money is controlled by the Bank system.
    – They decide what PEOPLE EAT OR DON’T EAT.
    – Who is a billionaire and who lives on less than a DOLLAR A DAY.
    – He who controls the money controls the world…, and a very few control the money.
  • @ 1:09:36Uncovering the Global Domination Agenda: When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest”, by Anonymous
    –  They have to control Money:
    + Central Banking System
    + Federal Reserve
    + IMF (International Monetary Found)
    + World Bank
    Controlling the Money allows them to control everything else…
    –  They need to control ENERGY:
    + Oil
    + Gas
    + Coal
    + Nuclear Energy
    and they do…
    + (Not Free Energy yet 😉
    The need to control Food & Water, they already control Agriculture and World Trade, they are buying water suplies world wide…
    + Agribusiness
    + World Trade
    + Water Sources
    They got health in their pockets (or un-health, I should say..) and THEY ARE TRYING TO SUPPRESS ALTERNATIVES.
    + Pharmaceuticals
    + Medical Schools (financed by the big Pharma…)
    +  Research (BS to get money from un-educated people @ markets and frivolous fund raising like Susan Komen, etc.)
    + Natural Alternatives, not yet 😉
    –  They have to control information and how we react to it (manipulate it-us to accept blindly what ever they want…) INDOCTRINATION
    + Compulsory Standardized Education
    + Media
  • @ 1:11:06 – They want to control the Internet…


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Live Update from the Courthouse – James Stewart Rawesome Case

Live Update from the Courthouse – James Stewart Rawesome Case

(Updates are posted at the end of this page)

Today, I went to the courthouse in downtown with my father, Carlos Caridad. We parked about 6 blocks away and then we walked to the courthouse. We arrived at around 8:00am in front of the courthouse. We could see people gathering holding up signs, and protesting. One man, Mark McAffe oOrganic Pasture, held up a megaphone and was speaking into it protesting this atrocious case. He talked about the future of the children. There are many diseases that we have in America today, regarding diabetes, obesity, etc. There’s no reason why the police should be arrested a man that sells raw and healthy food. We found out that they didn’t allow James Stewart bail. It seems as if they’re treating him like a drug lord or a murderer! We went inside, and went through a security line that was very similar to one in an airport. The differences are that you don’t have to take your belt or your shoes off and you don’t have to take your computer out of your bag. We found out that the case will take place on Level 5, District 30. We went on the elevator and got to level 5. District 30 is on the right-hand side when you step off of the elevator. We entered District 30, and we grabbed some seats. I thought that the case was going to start at approximately 8:30am, like we were informed yesterday. But apparently not. There were lots of cases before James Stewart’s case. As soon as we sat down, people that came to support James started to fill the room. It got so full that some people were standing. At around 9:30, Eric, my father’s business partner, came. My father and I decided that he would take me back to work so I can update you guys what is going on.

So come down and support! The more people the better! This will show the judge how many people care about this man that has done nothing wrong.

The address is : (It’s in downtown LA)

Los Angeles Criminal Court

210 W. Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA

Rawsome Raid Update – Aajonus Vonderplaintz comments on Aug 10th Hearing

Rawesome Foods Raid

Rawesome Foods Raid

Interview with a Rawesome employee who tells what happen yesterday during the FDA-police raid:

More interviews about the raid:

Lyrics | Muse lyricsUprising lyrics

Come on down and please support an amazing man who has done no wrong!!

Here are a couple of update videos from my father:

Cynthia Caridad

P.S. I will be updating this blog post when I get more updates. Keep refreshing this page to get more updates!!

UPDATE #2 (11:29am): James is coming any time. James Stewart’s Attorney says that the officers at the court house are impressed that the community is showing up. It makes a big impact on the judge.

UPDATE #3 (12:07am): I just received word that James’s case will start at 2:00pm. So come around 2pm to help support James!

UPDATE #4 (1:05pm): 2 more cases until the case we all are waiting for!!

UPDATE #5 (2:32pm): James hasn’t appeared yet.

UPDATE #6 (2:39pm): Police officer kicked out 1 man for making a gesture that was not understood.

UPDATE #7 (2:45pm): IT STARTED!!

UPDATE #8 (2:48pm): And, it’s a full house!! 😀

UPDATE #9 (2:57pm): Bail was reduced to $30,000.

UPDATE #10 (3:15pm): James wasn’t given any food yesterday, and the only thing he was given today was water.

UPDATE #11 (3:19pm): The preliminary charge regarding the raw milk is to close down Rawesome.

UPDATE #12 (4:45pm):

  • James’s bail bond was lowered to $30,000. He can’t posses, store, distribute, or administer any raw dairy products, unless it is properly licensed (or labeled).
  • The judge said, “Do not transport, import, sell, furnish, administer, give away, distribute, or offer to import, sell, furnish, administer, give away, or distribute any milk or dairy product, or eggs, unless it is properly labeled.”
  • Do not aid, promote, encourage, facilitate, or instigate of previous miss conduct.
  • Do not knowingly allowed any property own, lease, or have control over, to store, distribute, transport, import, sell, furnish, or give away dairy, dairy products, or eggs, unless it is properly labeled.
  • The property at 665 Rose Avenue is to be open to any law enforcement from the government, health inspector, at any time day and night with or without a warrant.

UPDATE #13 (3:00pm, Thursday August 5th): We had word from Susan, one of James attorneys, James bail bond will be paid and James will be free in a few hours. Not confirmed yet
UPDATE #14 (6:00pm, Thursday August 5th): James bail bond was paid and he is out of jail.
UPDATE #15 (5:00pm, Tuesday August 9th): We just interviewed Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Video will be post in our You Tube channel soon: rawfoodguys
UPDATE #16 (5:00am, Wednesday August 10th): There will be a court hearing today. James Stewart will appear in court, and the judge will decide if there are enough evidences to hold James for a formal trial.


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