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Raw Food Comparison Chart – What NOT to eat and What to Eat

Raw Food Comparison Chart

Here are examples on what to decide to eat. To help you become more raw, here’s a raw food comparison chart to determine bad to best.

The chart has the following categories:

  1. Food
  2. Beverages
  3. Condiments and Spreads
  4. Special Treats
  5. Supplements
  6. General Guidelines

1. Food

Bad Better Best
Sugar All forms:
– Dextrose
– Corn syrup
– Rice syrup
– Malt
Raw honey
Raw Agave
Maple syrup
Raw fresh fruits
Raw honey (25g) and
Raw fruit in moderation
Artificial Sweeteners All forms:
– Aspartame
– Splenda
– Xylitol Stevia
Salt Table salt
Iodized salt
Unrefined sea salt
Unrefined Himalaya sea salt
Celtic sea salt
Organic salt from plants:
Flour White flours from:
– Wheat
– Corn
– Rice, etc.
Organic whole flours from:
– Spelt*
– Kamut
– Quinoa
– Buckwheat
– Millet
– Brown rice*
– Other non stored grains
*stored grain
Sprouted grains
Almond flour
Coconut flour
Bread From supermarket Home made
Health store
Yeast free
Wheat free
Dehydrated flax crackers
Essence bread
Lettuce wraps
Pasta White pasta Organic spelt or buckwheat
Sprouted pasta
(Raw) spaghettimade from squash
Fat Butter
Trans fats
Animal fats
Fermented fats
Cold pressed coconut oil
Olive oil
Hemp seed oil
Flax seed oil
Whole hemp seeds
Whole organic flax Seeds
Fresh coconut
Meat Cold cuts
Processed meat:
Hot dogs
Salami, etc.
Organic raised
Nitrites free
E-numbers free (EU)
MSG free, etc.
Vegan nut pate’s
Raw “meat” balls
made from nuts/seeds
Fish Farm raised fish Wild fish
Not endangered
Wild Alaskan fish
Caught same day
Cold smoked wild Alaskan salmon
Eggs Conventional eggs Organic farm free eggs Egg replacers:
– Agar agar
– Flax seed
– Psyllium fiber
Cheese Cheese
From cow
Not organic
Organic raw goat cheese
Organic raw sheep’s cheese
Nut cheese
Seed cheese
Milk & Yogurt Milk, yogurt
From cow
Organic milk
Raw goat’s milk
Almond milk from store
Rice milk
Coconut milk
Raw almond milk
Raw milk from nuts
Raw milk from seeds & grains
Raw coconut juice & milk

2. Beverages

Bad Better Best
Water Water from tap Plastic bottled water
Evian, Poland Spring, Fuji Water
Distilled water
Low mineral spring water
Bottled in glass
Tea Black tea Herbal teasYerba Mate
Coffee Coffee
Decaffeinated coffee
Coffee replacer Raw “hot” chocolate milk
Soft Drinks Lemonade
Soft drinks
Fruit juices
Organic fresh juices
Flash pasteurized
Freshly squeezed juice:
Fruit juice
Orange Juice 
Vegetable juices
Green powder juice
Juice fresh from juice bar
super foods drinks
Coconut water (fresh)
Homemade lemonade with stevia

3. Condiments and Spreads

Bad Better Best
Tomato Ketchup Tomato ketchup
From supermarket
Organic, sugar free ketchup
Home made ketchup
Raw ketchup
Mayonnaise From super market Organic, no sugar added
Home made
Raw home made mayonnaise
Raw mayonnaise made from avocado
Raw mayonnaise made from nuts/seeds
Pasta Sauces From package
Mac n cheese
Ready made
From health food store
Home made
Pesto sauce
Tomato sauce
Organic Cheeses
Fresh raw tomato sauce
Raw pesto
Nut cheese
Bread Spreads Cold cuts
Processed meat
Chocolate spreads
Organic almond butter
Jam/Jelly 100% fruit
Raw honey
Raw cheese
Nut pates
Nut cheeses
Coconut butter

4. Special Treats

Bad Better Best
Candy Candy from supermarket
Energy bars
Diet bars
Organic from health store:
– Candy
– Chips
– Cookies
– Popcorn
Raw Cookies
Raw cakes
Fresh fruits
Dried fruits
Dehydrated crackers/chips
Cookies, Cakes Cookies from super marked
Cakes from super marked
Organic from health store
Home made cookies
Home made cakes
Raw cookies & cakes
Raw cakes & pies
Dehydrated cookies

5. Supplements

Bad Better Best
From supermarket
From drugstore
Supplements from some small companies Whole foods supplements
Super foods
Green powders

6. General Guidelines

Bad Better Best
Resources Grocery store Health store Home made foods
Green/farmer’s market
Grown Conventional grown Organic foods
Naturally grown
No pesticides, herbicides, chemicals
Local farmer’s/green market
Local and organic
Own garden, sprouts
Processed Junk
Fast food
Stir fried
Baked at low temperatures
Ingredients Many ingredients
MSG, flavor enhancers, etc.
Few ingredients
Ingredients you can pronounce
Home made
All fresh ingredients

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How To Lose Weight & Belly Fat Fast

How To Lose Weight & Belly Fat Fast
Here are 10 quick tips on how to lose weight and belly fat fast and painlessly:

1. Drink 1-2 glasses of purified living water before you eat your meal this will fill you up so you don’t overeat.
2. Eat your dessert first as this will process the sugar first which spikes up your blood sugar level and then when you eat the rest of your meal it will level out which keeps your blood sugar stable.
3. After your meal take two shots of apple cider vinegar as the enzymes will breakdown your food and digest it especially if you have over ate. If you do 2-4 shots of apple cider vinegar a day 2 in morning and 2 at night studies have shown you can lose 10 lbs in a year just by doing this.
4. Don’t eat after the sun is down. Your body is very smart and after dark its metabolism starts to slow down especially when you are getting tired and close to bed. This in turn processes the food slower and may not utilize all of the nutrients.
5. Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day if you can try to eat every 3 hours and try to balance these meals with a green a protein and fruit with some carbs.
6. Don’t eat fast or slam down your food it will strain your digestive system and again will not utilize the nutrients will intern make you more hungry later which will lead you to overeat.
7. Eat more 100% Organic Raw Food as in Raw Dairy,Raw Cookies,Raw Honey, Raw Coconut Oil, as well as vegetables. I was pigging out on 1-2 raw cakes a day but now I recently switched to pigging out on 100% Raw Organic Dairy. Funny thing is when you try to gorge on the Raw food lets say like dairy you get full fast and even if you tried you can’t eat any more.
8. Do a full body cleanse.  You might have toxic residue from not eating organic and raw.  Your thyroid, hypothalamus gland or your pituitary gland may have been blow out, especially if you have taken any and yes I mean any prescription or non prescription drugs.
9. Do not eat when you are stressed out the reason I gained 75lbs in the past is because I used food as a stress reducer. Pray or relax before you eat and really enjoy and have Gratitude when you eat as this will keep your Autonomic nervous system balanced and can process your food to the right organs.
10. Do not eat the same amount of food on the days you don’t work out.  This leads to not being able to burn the extra calories which in turn causes weight gain. Just an FYI they say when you eat any meal that you shouldn’t eat until your stuffed of full but just enough that you are almost kind of hungry. Studies have shown great benefits to this as well as anti aging.

That is just my two cents on some things on what has worked for me. More to come as well as video on this stay tuned.

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