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Vitamix – Blendtec Blenders Review – Benefits of an Alkaline Body

Vitamix – Blendtec Blenders Review –¬†Benefits of an Alkaline Body

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I first heard of the Vitamix – Blendtec blender while shopping at Costco about five years ago. I was skeptical about the product because like many kitchen tools, they work like magic when the demonstrator uses them, but when you bring them home, somehow you can’t get the same results.

When I was introduced to green smoothies with the concept that you use 40% green leafy vegetables, 60% of fruits and water in a blender, I tried it with my regular blender at home. The smoothie ended up with a lot of tiny particles of spinach or kale. Not a pleasant drink. I then bought the Vitamix and the difference was mind blowing. The fruits and leafy greens were turned into the smoothiest smoothy I ever had.

Since then my family has been using the Vitamix at least three times a day: for smoothies, salad dressings, tahini, deserts, ice cream, soups, puddings, cheesecakes, and all of them delicious mostly due to the processing power of the Vitamix!

How to make a delicious fruit smoothie!

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Uses of Vitamix – Blendtec Blenders

We use our Vitamix for:

  • Green smoothies EVERY day!
  • Fruit smoothies, specially for our children
  • DELICIOUS ice scream/sorbet: frozen mango, fresh¬†strawberries,¬†fresh¬†banana!.¬†UNBELIEVABLE¬†taste¬†and refreshing! Our kids just LOVE it! and it’s the best replacement for the junk ice creams for them!

Vitamix Blender

  • All king of raw sauces and dressings, specially dressings to replace¬†mayonnaise:¬†cashews, garlic, sea salt, olive oil,¬†lemon juice¬†and some times an herb or two.
  • Dressing or mix to make kale chips!!! just awesome taste and you save tons of money! (about $15 a bag!)
  • CAKES, yes, the most delicious chocolate, pumpkin and other raw cakes!
  • Chocolate truffles,¬†haystacks, desserts!!! They are just out of this world!¬†
  • Some of the ingredients of chocolate desserts are: we grind sesame seeds to a very fine powder; then mix it with coconut oil/butter, chocolate, some agave or honey (just a little bit), goji berries and sea salt.
  • Soups, delicious soups.
  • The filling of raw lasagna.
  • and with the leftovers or spoiled green, we make a “green smoothie” for our plants and flowers!¬†

I can be writing many more paragraphs about the benefits of having a Vitamix or a Blendlec blenders. However, until you don’t buy one and try it for your self, you won’t really experience those benefits and delicious foods and desserts :-).

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