Restaurant Review: Juliano’s Raw Planet, an Evening Raw Food Experience!

Planet Raw by Juliano, a Raw Food Pioneer

This restaurant has been thriving for many years now, even at a time when hardly anybody knew what raw food meant. We have been frequent customers for the last four years. Recently I went with a friend, and she commented that the place looked so much more distinguished from outside. True, the decor is nothing fancy but the lighting and general ambience is inviting and unique. Juliano is a master at using herbs and spices in delicious dressings for the salads. He is also very innovative and creative with dishes like pumpkin tortellinis, garlic bread, zuchini fries and cheezy kelp. The imminent question when you have the mouthwatering chocolate mousse for dessert is: How does he do it?. There are plenty of smoothies and elixir drinks to choose from.

We’ve heard of people that for one reason or another wouldn’t give this place another chance, but for us: is our favorite one!

PS: The above was my wife’s writing, which I agree 100%.

I couldn’t finished my delicious Bacon Westen Double w/ Fries & Salad because I ate something before going to Juliano’s :(.
I took home the left overs, which I ate the next day and was delicious! and we order the  CHOCOLATE PARAFAIT. My my stomach full we shared this fabulous, and to my surprise, I felt less full after eating each bit of the CHOCOLATE PARAFAIT!!!

Juliano’s food have some magic to me, and I’m not imagining things! Two years ago we went to Juliano’s Planet Raw for lunch on a Saturday. I did not feel good and I asked for a Medicinal Salad. I remember Juliano passed by and looked at me in straight into my eyes for a few seconds right before getting the salad; I know this is my assumption ;-). I ate my Medicinal Salad and I felt much better after that, and I did not get sick!!! I ordered Medicinal Salads two times after this incident; they were different…

Today we had:

    Mushroom Nut Burger W/ Macadamia Cheeze, Heirloom Ketchup, Fig Mustard
  • GARLIC BREAD                                                                                4.95
  • AVO SANDWICH                                                                             7.95
    Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato & Caramel Onions W Honey Mustard Dressing On Flax
  • CHOCOLATE MYLKSHAKE                                                      7.95
  • CHOCOLATE PARAFAIT                                                           5.95
  • HOT MOCHA                                                                                    5.50
Juliano's Planet Raw-Garlic Bread

Juliano's Planet Raw-Garlic Bread

Juliano's-Planet Raw-Avo Sandwich

Juliano's-Planet Raw-Avo Sandwich

Juliano-PlanetRaw-Bacon Western Double w/ Fries and Salad!!!

Juliano-PlanetRaw-Bacon Western Double w/ Fries and Salad!!!

Juliano-Planet Raw-Chocolate Parfait, Yummmmyyyy!!!

Juliano-Planet Raw-Chocolate Parfait, Yummmmyyyy!!!

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