Nutrition – Design -Spirituality – Love from Silvie + Maryl!

Nutrition – Design -Spirituality – Love from Silvie + Maryl!

Yesterday I received a Face Book email from “an estranger” accepting my friend invitation. Honestly I do not remember sending it.

Her name is Cilvie Celiz. I went to her web site Silvie + Maryl and I had one of the most beautiful surprises of the last several years.

Just watch, listen. I do not need to say much more:

I was so happy listening to these women talking so well of such important subjects as Nutrition, Design, Spirituality, and Love in such a wise as well as loving way!

I might elaborate more on the subjects they talk about, later.

In the mean time, here are two more excelent videos from them:

Episode 1: “What is Health?”

“Health is in the mind, because everything you see outside of your self is a projection of what is going on inside of your self”

Episode 2: “What is Protein?”

“You find a much better protein in the plants kingdom. Protein is not an animal, it’s not a thing. It is a sequence of amino acids”

and here is their You Tube channel: Silvie+Maryl

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