Live Update from the Courthouse – James Stewart Rawesome Case 3:00pm

My partner Carlos is in the courthouse and one of James supporters was thrown out from the police because the police stated that he gave them a dirty look. Also was informed that James had over $130,000 he had to post for a bond to get out it now has been reduced to $30,000. More updates soon:

UPDATE #11 (4:45pm):

  • James’s bail bond was lowered to $30,000. He can’t posses, store, distribute, or administer any raw dairy products, unless it is properly licensed (or labeled).
  • The judge said, “Do not transport, import, sell, furnish, administer, give away, distribute, or offer to import, sell, furnish, administer, give away, or distribute any milk or dairy product, or eggs, unless it is properly labeled.”
  • Do not aid, promote, encourage, facilitate, or instigate of previous miss conduct.
  • Do not knowingly allowed any property own, lease, or have control over, to store, distribute, transport, import, sell, furnish, or give away dairy, dairy products, or eggs, unless it is properly labeled.
  • The property at 665 Rose Avenue is to be open to any law enforcement from the government, health inspector, at any time day and night with or without a warrant.

UPDATE #11 (3:00m, Thursday August 5th): We had word from Susan, one of James attorneys, James bail bond will be paid and James will be free in a few hours. Not confirmed yet

Mike Adams explain that
Rawesome is a private club food for members only, so the Dept of Health has no juridiction over it.
The milk, mangoes, honey, melons, meat the FDA, Department of Health, and police took is STEALING, ROBBERY!!!
– The Federal and State agencies involved had authorization to TAKE SAMPLES of the food at Rawesome and
– they took EVERY THING, and destroyed it
– They also took ALL CASH! IT was STALING MONEY! An ARM ROBBERY case like in the old wild west!

Mike Adams explains important details on the Rawesome Raid

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