James Stewart @ Rawesome – News Interview by Mike Adams @ Natural News

James Stewart @ Rawesome News Interview by Mike Adams @ Natural News

I just learned about James Stewart faith on the hands on the county jail officers, who were torturing him for days.

I want to pass around the news from Mike Adams site, NaturalNews.com, and I will transcribe James Stewart audio interview with Mike Adams later.

What I remember from the audio interview is that county jail officers were verbally and later physically torturing James Stewart, former Rawesome manager, a raw food private membership coop in Venice/Santa Monica, California.

James Stewart was given no food, hand cuffed restricting his blood circulation because he has wide wrists, and hand cuffs are too small for him. The purpose of that tortures was to break down James spirit and get something out of him, he does mot even know.

Here are the links to Mike Adams You Tube audio interview, and free audio downloads of it too, as well as Mike Adams originally article.

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This is Part 1/4 of Mike Adams audio interview with James Stewart. I used a video footage of an interview with James @ Rawesome, three months before the August 3rd 2011 raid.

Part 2/4 of the James Stewart interview by Mike Adams @ NaturalNews.com:
Remember the audio is Mike Adams interview, and the video picture is from a live interview to James.

Video files:

Watch the full interview on YouTube at:

or if YouTube censors it (as they now do almost any video critical of government), see it on the uncensored video site TV.NaturalNews.com at:

Adams openly encourages members of the public to post these files on YouTube, Vimeo, bittorrent sitesand anywhere else where they may reach the public.

This true story of jaw-dropping dehumanization and torture — conducted in total violation of state law as well as the Geneva Convention for prisoners of war — is told in an exclusive audio interview recorded today between Mike Adams and James Stewart.

That audio recording, which has been released by Adams into the public domain for the purpose of widespread copying and sharing, is available for download at the following links:

128kbps MP3 file (47MB, Hi-Fi, suitable for posting online):
MP3 only: www.naturalnews.com/files/Torture_128.mp3
ZIP file container: www.naturalnews.com/files/Torture_128.zip

32kbps MP3 file (12MB, Lo-Fi, suitable for emailing or sharing on mobile devices):
MP3 only: www.naturalnews.com/files/Torture_32.mp3
ZIP file container: www.naturalnews.com/files/Torture_32.zip

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