Internet Marketing: Traffic and Conversion

7 Steps To Google’s 1st Page!

Straight to the point

1. SEO your text content
2. SEO your meta tags
3. Back links
4. Write a compelling Elevator Pitch
5. Turn it into an attractive-sexy title
6. Use Brian Franklin’s metaphor
7. Use the Google Keyword Tool to enhance your title


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2 Responses to Internet Marketing: Traffic and Conversion

  1. Hi Raw Food Guys! I saw your wonderful website and wanted to get in touch with you…we’re getting in touch with various individuals and organisations in the ‘healthy living’ industry and forming mutually beneficial partnerships to help one another grow 🙂

    My name is Sanya from Froothie ( ;, one of the fastest growing brands for healthy living, with over 50,000 Facebook followers and growing (, and the exclusive distributor of the incredibly successful Optimum blenders (

    I’d like to speak with someone about the possibility of working together in promoting both of our brands or businesses. For example, we will be able to provide you with our product and promote your business on our website and Facebook page (over 50,000 followers), and you could promote us on your site, possibly in reviews and/or YouTube videos. You could also consider selling the Optimum blenders; the company has grown 600% in the past 12 months, and we have a long way to go with warehouses already located in various locations around the world.

    Our growth is driven by the new Optimum blenders, currently Australia/New Zealand’s best-selling blender and the fastest growing brand, having expanded into Europe, Asia and soon North America with immense success. Optimum is a 100% Australian Family-Owned company, focusing on quality, working with the world’s most reputable and respected manufacturers to create a truly unique appliance.

    Froothie’s goal is simple: Helping people lead a healthier life. We share our knowledge and information for healthy living through workshops, YouTube videos, our new blog and various media outlets. We have recently appeared or been quoted on a range of well-known international media outlets, as well as various blogs and magazines. Having sold many blenders in the past, including Vitamix and Blendtec, we now solely distribute Optimum.

    Please send me an email at or call us if you wish to discuss this further with either myself or Zane.

    Warm regards 🙂


    • Hello Sanya!

      I’m sorry it took me so long to answer 🙁
      Definitely I’m open to explore how to mutually collaborate and help each other!

      How can I start selling your Optimum blenders?
      Do you have an affiliate program?
      so you take care of shipping?
      do you ship overseas?

      I’d love to promote your site on my blog AND YouTube videos.
      I’m an internet marketer and, obviously, I do my own internet marketing!
      I can place ANYTHING under the sun on Google’s 1st page,
      specially YouTube videos.

      How can I help you on this?

      Looking forward to collaborating with you!


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