(How to Lose Weight Fast) Painlessly and Enjoying Your (Raw Food) and Life! Part III-b

How to Lose Weight Fast Painlessly and Enjoying Your Raw Food and Life! Part III-b
Raw Food Desserts and Chocolates!!!

Summary of the video transcription:

  • Tasting the BEST chocolate I know of: Cru’s Chocolate Truffle Cake…
  • A friend told me about the Cru’s Chocolate Truffle Cake: “This Chocolate cake is orgasmic!!!” …
  • If I am in a bad mode, just give me a Raw dessert or chocolate!!!
  • Or take me to a Raw Food Restaurant and my day is already good!!!
  • When we used to go to regular cooked food restaurants, we end up feeling heavy, sleepy, and some people even need Peptobismol!?!?! (I apologize for the spelling. I’ve never seen or take that medication!)
  • My mother called me to tell me she had a vegan chocolate cake, and it was so good! and she is not even into healthy raw food or even vegetarianism!
  • Raw food puts you in an energetic state where you want to have more sex…
  • We had interviewed many raw food men and all of them report a healthy increase in libido and better sexual life!!!
  • The not so healthy food and chemicals in it is what makes you feel down, tired, and have lack of energy.
  • Raw Food is a natural and healthy aphrodisiac. Carlos Caridad
  • Yes, sex life improves because it gets (blood) circulation going, when you eat the right (raw) food
  • This is my own opinion: Sexual enhancer like Viagra, etc., increases blood circulation on sexual organs and have serious side effects (including dependency and vision abnormalities, from headache to heart attack). Raw Food does the same but in ALL organs and body parts!!!…and keeps you healthy and energetic!!! without side effects!!! 🙂
    People who incorporate a high percentage of Raw Food in their diet have thinner blood, thus mental clarity, memory improvement, feel better about them selves, happier, and other benefits are shown and enjoyed. 
  • Some people ask: can someone lose weight on green smoothies with raw protein?
    The answer is definitely YES! because Raw Protein is absorbed completely,  without over working the digestive system, without leaving foreign residues that the body does not know what to do with them. Those foreign chemicals or toxins, are deposit in different parts of the body, like fatty tissue, and takes a lot of work to get ride of them!
    Carlos Caridad


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