How to Lose Weight Fast and Enjoying Your Raw Food! Part II

How to Lose Weight Fast and Enjoying Your Raw Food! Part II

  • Talk to people who are getting results
  • Get informed, do your research, and study. The internet is the best place to start getting informed
  • Mingle with people who are living the same lifestyle or activities you want to be involved in
  • Visit the different Raw Food Restaurants in your area
  • Eat Organic foods; Buy Organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and everything else
  • “Eating Raw-Organic is a preventive care” Ani Phyo
  • “I spend the most money in the food I eat, because it goes into my body. Some people buy a $1,000 purse or pair of shoes, and eat with $1!”  Ani Phyo
  • Lose Weight Fast w/ Raw Food-Eric Volkers Part II

Some people start the day with a strong breakfast:
-Eric’s breakfast!
– Organic Irish Oat Meal
– Organic Chlorella Powder & Organic Spirulina Powder
– Organic Blueberries, Raspberries & Goji Berries
– Organic Raw Honey from Bolivia
– Organic Raw Protein Powder and Organic Chia Powder
– Spring Alkaline water
and a green drink (Kale, Celery, Lemon, Apples, Dandelion, Celery & Ginger) – All Organic, of course

  • Carlos’ breakfast!
    – Green Smoothie if I do a light 20-minute exercise and some yoga exercise and stretching
    – 40% fruits and 60% green leaf
    – Mangoes, Spinach, and  Kale
    – Two medium oranges, Spinach, Kale, Ginger Root, Parsley
    – sometimes I alternate the green, and I use green onions, seeds of any citrus I eat that day or the day before (oranges, lemons, grapefruit)
    – Use your imagination
    – for my kids, my wife makes a 60% Frozen Mango and 40% green leaves
  • Carlos’ breakfast when he worksout:
    – A protein Powder with Alkaline water
    – Then my Green Smoothie!
    – Half an hour later, a Raw Chocolate Cookie, and/or some Raw Buckwheat  Cookies that my wife makes, or some Raw Granola

Eric: “Every single day I have a piece of cake” I really enjoy the Raw Food and desserts I eat!

  • We live for the delicious Raw desserts! Guilt FREE! No weight gain, but weight loss and more energy!
  • Try the Crystal Crunch-Berry Bar or the Dark Chocolate Caramel Bar from Euphoria Loves Rawvolution
  • Ice Cream, Chocolates, desserts are not bad for you. It’s when is chemically altered and genetically modified that is bad for you!
  • You are supposed to eat all this desserts every day, in moderation, and Raw Desserts gives you the healthy alternative to make it possible!
  • If I eat every day a cake from a place here in Beverly Hills, I’m sure I’ll be over weight again…
  • The body can’t utilize processed sugar, flour, and other pre-packed and/or already prepared and processed foods
  • That’s why diabetes is so common nowadays

Euphoria's Chocolate-Vainilla-Strawberry-Cheese Cake
Euphoria’s Chocolate-Vainilla-Strawberry-Cheese Cake

    Euphoria's Spirulina-Raw Cake

    Euphoria's Spirulina-Raw Cake

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