Cafe Gratitude Opens in LA: Vegan and Raw Food

Cafe Gratitude Opens in LA: Vegan and Raw Food

If you don’t go to Cafe Gratitute, Cafe Gratitude will come to you!

Three years ago I found out about Cafe Gratitude, and ever since then, I’ve been hoping that my travels would take me to San Francisco, so that I could try the great dishes and atmosphere I’ve heard about. Well, I ventured to other cities around the country but couldn’t make it there. Imagine my excitement when I learned that one opened up in . My husband and I headed there the first week, and here is my take:  We loved the food, I ordered a raw deep dish pizza and it tasted out of this world. The side salad was so fresh (organic!). I also had a chocolate smoothie and chocolate icecream (made with almonds, not cashews, yeay!) both delicious.The restaurant was packed with interesting and smart looking people.  A minor drawback: they offer cooked food too, and just as in the past, when I was vegetarian, I didn’t like to eat in restaurants that offered meat, now that I am raw I prefer raw restaurants to be 100% raw.  This I didn’t care much for: the restaurant has a new age theme going, with a “game” where the waiter asks you a question like “what can you contribute?”. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.  Some names of the dishes: I am eternally sweet , I am bliss… Also the check comes with a card with some positive affirmations or phrases meant to be thought provoking.
All and all, we’ll be definitely coming back!


Cafe Gratitude celebrates your Birthday, or your friend’s, in the most lovely and fun way! They sing and some times even dance, an upbeat Happy Birthday song, or a nice choir sings a lovely Happy Birthday song for you!

Eric’s Birthday at Cafe Gratitude: a lovely and fun surprise!

Interview with Cary, manager of Cafe Gratitude LA

This was mine, my wife surprised to me!!:

Go and celebrate your Birthday in Cafe Gratitude! Lovely fun GUARANTEED!!!

We came back today, Saturday March 19, 2011! Food was great! Drinks awesome! and desserts were just delicious!!!

For main raw food dishes we had:

Cafe Gratitude-Raw Food dishes
Cafe Gratitude-Raw Food dishes

Live sandwich with almond pate, seasonal vegetables, avocado and mustard sauce on live curry bread


Enchilada in a live spinach tortilla with sprouted seed filling, topped with spicy mole and cashew sour cream. Served with creamy chipotle coleslaw
The Raw Specialties are very well prepared. The dehydrated wraps are just right: soft, tasty, and strong enough to keep the inside ingredients so you can comfortably eat them without breaking apart!
the drinks were:
Cafe Gratitude-LA-Chocolate Smoothies
Cafe Gratitude-LA-Chocolate Smoothies

Raw cacao milkshake



I AM LUSCIOUS $8 / add coffee $9
Hazelnut milk, fig, date, raw cacao and vanilla bean smoothie
Smoothies are just delicious!!! Specially the “I am eternally sweet”!!!

and for desserts (OMG!!!):

> $8
A light, smooth and creamy raw cacao mousse


Cafe Gratitude Raw Desserts
Cafe Gratitude Raw Desserts

SEASONAL PIE (flavors change daily) $8
A ‘cheese-cake’ style offering with a rich cashew filling on a crunchy nut crust

We just couldn’t get enough of those delicious desserts! Easy to eat, smooth, soft and tasty crust! Just out of this world!

Cafe Gratitude Desserts are just out of this world! You can eat them after a good raw food meal, and not feel heavy, or sleepy!!! I told my wife when we were leaving: “This is the very first time I am leaving a restaurant very happy because of what I eat!!!” and the eating experience: very nice and courteous waitresses, environment, and music!

The question of the day was: “what are you good at sharing?”

Our rate: ♥♥!!!

PS: CAFE GRATITUDE LA has the most clean restroom in LA, along with 118 Degrees! It’s part of the restaurant experience!

Cafe Gratitude Los Angeles

639 Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Hours: 11 am to 10 pm
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