Au Lac in Fountain Valley, Orange County

Au Lac, a Raw Food Restaurant in Fountain Valley, Orange County

Not too long ago, Au Lac was renovated to a quaint place with comfortable red booths and dimmed, cozy lights.

Here you can order vegetarian, vegan and raw entrees. The reknown Chef Ito is always around, mingling, smiling and dispensing hugs.

With all due respect to the numerous fans, as a raw foodist I’ve crossed out this restaurant from my list of possible future visits. The reason? The food of course. Although the presentation of the meals is nothing short of a masterpiece, they were very greasy and not with natural oils but with some buttery product, I suspect is commonly used in asian kitchens. Even the dehydrated veggies seemed covered with it, resulting into what it felt like crunchy fries. It didn’t feel truly raw and it took a long time to digest.

On the upside, the chocolate cones for desert were exquisite. Maybe we’ll stop by sometime just for that, when in the neighborhood!

Au Lac

16563 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-2344
(714) 418-0658

Dinning with The Raw Food Trucker at Au Lac
(This video interview was on another occasion. We’ll talk about it soon)

Pictures of the Raw Food we eat at the dinner mentioned on this posting

Au Lac-Raw-Food-Living-Rice-Mermaid
Au Lac-Raw Food-Living Rice Mermaid
Au Lac-Raw-Food
Au Lac Raw Food
Au Lac-Raw-Food-Salad
Au Lac Raw Food Salad
Au Lac-Raw-Food-Chocolate-Dessert
Au Lac Raw Food-Chocolate Dessert

Au Lac

16563 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-2344
(714) 418-0658

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