Ani Phyo New Book: “Raw Food Asia” Review: Another Jewel!!!

Ani Phyo New Book: “Raw Food Asia” Review: Another Jewel!!!

Ani Phyo signing new book "Raw Food Asia"

Ani Phyo begun her new book “Raw Food Asia” presentation to the public in Santa Monica LA, yesteday Saturday April 16, in an event hosted by Artisinal LA.

Eric and I went to see Ani. Ani is getting ready to release her book to the public on May 10th, and we wanted to meet her before we have a video interview with her in about two weeks.

In the picture above and below, me (Carlos), Ani Phyo, my son Nathan, and Eric.

We are interviewing Ani later this month and we will have a in-depth, stimulating talk about Raw Food, her new book “Raw Food Asia”, and a Raw Food life style!

Ani has very pleasant and  full of wisdom charismatic personality; easy to talk to and approachable. No wonder she is already an authority in the Raw Food lifestyle because of her gourmet chef her five books, raw food preparation classes and presentations, speaking events, being chosen sexiest Raw Food Woman of Best of Raw Food 2008, 2009, and 2010, and also recipient of four Best of Raw 2008 Awards for Best Chef, Favorite Cookbook, and Favorite Educator!!!

Ani Phyo’s new book “Raw Food Asia” is just another jewel and gift from her to the general public: full of not just great Raw Food recipes, but recipes for daily living!

Some examples are:

– “Raw Food helps increase vitality and slows down aging process. Raw Foods strengthen the immune system, help you lose uwanted exta pounds, and offer the ultimate detoxifying, cleansing, and rebuilding of the body. Organic Raw Food  is 100% natural without chemicals or manufactured or processed ingredients; raw foods have been shown to reverse serious health conditions and are great to enjoy everyday to prevent sickness and maintain health”

– “Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are touted as “superfoods” by the FDA because they are high in antioxidants, vitamines, minerals, and amino acids. They help combat free-radical damage, slow down the signs of aging, and provide our skin with nutrients that build collagen and keep us looking younger, longer. They fuel our bodies with the building blocks we need to recover after a stressful day, and to regenerate a stronger, leaner, and more vibrant body” (I will add: “beautiful, sexy skin and body!)

Ani Phyo Signing New Book "Raw Food Asia"

Ani Phyo Signing New Book "Raw Food Asia"

– “These superfood ingredients are recognizable in our body, and take less energy to break down, digest, absorb, and then eliminate. We don’t have to work as hard to fuel ourselves, decreasing wear and tear on our digestive system and overall stress on our body”.  (In my opinion, this is the reason most people feel heavy and sleepy after eating a cooked meal, because our bodies do not recognize that kind of food which, in many cases, have chemicals and other toxins. Digesting that unrecognizable food takes a lot of energy from our bodies and immune system!)

If after reading all this in Ani’s book “Raw Food Asia” you are not convinced of the benefits of incorporating more Raw Foods in your daily meals, PLEASE Ask us what is preventing you from eating these healthy and vibrant foods!

Ani Phyo signing new book Raw Food Asia, Carlos & Eric

Ani Phyo signing new book Raw Food Asia, Carlos & Eric

What I like the most on Ani’s “Raw Food Asia” is that at the beginning of each chapter she writes about very important, thought provoking, and very interesting subjects, like:

– Entertainment in the Raw

– Whole Food Nutrition

– Probiotics

– A Clean Environment

– Toxin-Free Living

– Physical Fittness

– Rest and Recovery (I like this!!!)

– Social Fitness (I haven’t read this yet) I just read it and it is just outstanding wisdom!!!

– Happiness

– Menus for Entertaining

– Theories of Longevity

and more 😉

I havent read the last three chapters and I can really, truly say this is one of the best books I have ever read in my life, and I have read about a lot of interest subjects! I love to read and I always have at least a book on my night stand and in my brief case. Right now I have seven books on my night stand, most almost finished: three from Ani Phyo, two about Internet Marketing, and two about self improvement.


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