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Ask The Raw Food Guys! any question you have about Raw Food:

  • We’ve come to realize that being on a Raw Food Diet, or better a Raw Food Life Style!, is a life changing and exciting experience!  It could be the solution for most, if not all of your health challenges and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Where can I go to get a quick start on raw food?
  • You can get tremendous benefits and dramatic results in as little as 14 days on raw food
  • Raw Food can include any diet of primarily unheated food, or food cooked to a temperature less than 40 °C (104 °F) to 46 °C (115 °F).
  • We believe that TASTE is KEY in RAW FOOD.
  • Enjoying GUILT FREE, yes you read that correctly, GUILT FREE CHOCOLATES, and more!!!

Here are some immediate results you can experience by getting on a raw food diet.

  1. Increase of Mental Awareness
  2. Improvement of Athletic Performance, Stamina and Endurance
  3. Increase of Sexual Performance
  4. Increase of Physical and Mental Energy
  5. Loos weight and belly fat effortlessly!
  6. Makes Skin Beautiful and Radiant!
  7. Makes your body alcaline and sickness can’t be present in an alcaline environment!
  8. Helps to keep and build a strong Immune System!
  9. Helps to make digestion easy, avoiding IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive ailments
  10. Makes hair grow faster and healthier
  11. Slows down aging considerably
  12. Improves your mood, making you feel happier!
  13. Guilt FREE Desserts and Chocolate EATING!

Carlos on the left, is 100% Vegetarian-Vegan, and 80% Raw.

Eric, right,  fluctuates between 70-100% Raw Vegan, but still eats meat.

An interview with Eric Volkers about his experience with Raw Food, and how he lost 65 pounds in about 7 months, just by eating Raw Food!!!

How to Lose Weight Fast by Eating Like a King! Part IV

How to Lose Weight Fast by Eating Like a King! Part V

Here is where you start your RAW FOOD Journey Now—-Raw2011


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11 Responses to Ask The Raw Food Guys!

  1. Hi Eric and Carlos,


    I thought your readers might find our new service of interest. If you’d like to review it, let me know.

    Ron Russell
    Owner/Chef SunCafe

    SunCafe’s 3 by 4 Raw Food Box Meals (every Sunday)

    * 3 Enticing Entrees
    * 3 Salacious Salads/soups
    * 3 Delectable Desserts/Appetizers
    * 3 Bountiful Breakfasts
    One value price $99, $119 delivered (to most of Los Angeles)

    These are flavor rich raw food meals like you’ve come to expect from SunCafe, voted #3 “Raw Restaurant in the World” 2010, Top 10 Places in L.A. for Lunch (Open Table), #1 Smoothie (Kale Shake) Each box will emphasize dishes with light nuts.

    ENTREES – Raw Chili * Teriyaki vegetable rice bowl * Kale chorizo tacos * Pad Thai * Quiche
    SALADS/SOUPS – Chard Salad w/Cherry Dressing * Kale Tabouli * Greek Salad w/Feta Chez * Kale/Caggabe Coleslaw
    DESSERTS/SNACKS – Fruit Crepe with Strawberries and Coconut Cream * Key Lime Mousse * Sunflower Hummus and veggies
    BREAKFASTS – Sunflower scramble * Chia porridge * Granola w/seed milk * Fruit Smoothie


    • Hello Ron,

      I really like what you do! Healthy and a great help and service to the people!

      I would like to come down to your place and do a video interview and tour to your place.
      I also would like to write a review of Sun Cafe on my blog.
      I want to help you to spread your great food and Box Meals.

      I’ll keep in touch.


    • Hello Ron,

      I really like what you do! Healthy and a great help and service to the people!

      I would like to come down to your place and do a video interview and tour to your place.
      I also would like to write a review of Sun Cafe on my blog.
      I want to help you to spread your great food and Box Meals.

      I’ll keep in touch.


  2. Cheryl

    Hello, I’ve been making green drinks almost everyday for about a year now and was wondering what kind of alkaline water you use or recommend? Or, do you make your own? I have a very burning stomach for over a decade and can’t eat many healthly foods like raw veggies, garlic (i miss) onions, acidic fruit; the green drinks in the morning help, do you have any input on this. Just curious. Thanks, Cheryl

    • Hello Cheryl,

      I have an alkaline water machine, the one you can see in the (Energy Green Smoothie) a Day Keeps docs Far Away! #1 video.

      It is not that important to use Alkaline water on your green smoothies. What is really important is to use any good filtered water AND organic greens. To make it more alkaline use half squeezed lemon or a small lime.

      Following those simple suggestions you will have a really alkaline green smoothie.

      This is one of my new favorites alkaline green smoothie:

      – cilantro, a hand full
      – cucumbers, 4 1/4 in slices
      – green jalapeño, very little! about 1/4 inch
      – lemon and/or lime juice, half of each squeezed
      – celery, one or two sticks
      – avocado, half small, or less of a big one
      DON”T DRINK THIS Alkaline Green Smoothie EVERY DAY! I had some knees/joint pain when I drank it for 8 days in a row!
      I do it a kind of strong 🙂
      Again, experiment with what your body needs.

      Rotate the ingredients on the green smoothies. My second green smoothie choice is:
      – a Little ginger root
      – one or two oranges
      – half lemon or lime
      – green leaves: spinach, and kale
      – other greens I use: green chard, broccoli, celery ( I use it to push the greens to make the Vitamix break/blend them faster)

      Cheryl, just experiment with it. It will help you with your burning stomach.

      Now, what other food combinations do you do? 🙂 It’s important that you are consistent on ALL the other food you eat.
      If you drink a healthy green smoothie and then acidic foods the rest of the day, it wont help

      Thanks for your question!


    • Cheryl,

      Alkaline water is a must! I have my own machine and if you really want to get serious on getting healthier and healthier, get an Alkaline Water machine.
      I can suggest you a site where you can buy it.

      Another great and inexpensive way to make alkaline water is to add a few drops of lime or lemon on filtered water, or add baking soda, one tea spoon per gallon of water.

      Please let me know how do you do, I would like to help you to eliminate your challenge with a burning stomach.

      I’m sorry I didn’t answer before. I have to many spam comments (over 400 today) and I haven’t got time to go through all of them!


  3. RawInAtlanta

    Hi. I just started eating raw foods this week and have a few questions. I love how it makes me feel and dont want to inadvertently eat something thats now raw. I would like to know if the trail mix from kroger grocery called “maui wowi trail mix” raw. I cant tell. I dont know if the nuts are roasted or if it has added sugar. I just really wanna stick to my raw food. I love the feeling it gives me.

    • RawInAtlanta, I don’t know that brand of trail mix; if it doesn’t specifically says “Raw” it’s probably not. My suggestion is just enjoy it and be happy eating it! That trail mix is 100s times healthier than a fast food chain restaurant!
      If you are happy when you eat, you’ll digest well what you eat!


    • If it doen’t say on the package, it’s impossible to know. I don’t know that brad RawingAtlanta.

  4. Hello Eric and Carlos

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