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On Wednesday 2nd, 2010, at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, two Raw Food guys and their wives were attending The Best Of Raw 2010 Awards. “By chance” the two couples were sitting side by side in the packed to the rim Raw Food restaurant of Santa Monica.

Eric Volkers was telling some guests his story: “I lost 65 pounds by eating Raw Food”. I, Carlos Caridad, heard that amazing statement and immediately I felt the impulse to interview Eric. Why? Not really sure. I had a vague idea to promote Raw Food, especially to cancer patients who really need to change their diet, make it alkaline so that the immune system gets stronger and helps to heal their bodies by themselves.

The day I interviewed Eric, we decided to join our abilities and start promoting the Raw Food and the Raw Food Life Style movement, to make it known to the general public and corporate America. The RawFoodGuys.net was born…

I am raw foodist since February 2007 along with my wife Edu. We have three beautiful and wonderful kids, Cynthia (18), Stephanie (14), and Nathan (10), who drink a large glass of green smoothie every day. That’s all they do of Raw Food! They have been vegetarian since they were born, and 95% vegan for the last 10 years.

My wife has been vegetarian all her life, and I’ve been vegetarian since I turned 19, ( ??? years ago  😉 ).

I studied Electronics back in Argentina, where we got married. I have a Master in Electronics. I studied Internet Marketing with Rich Schefren, Theory of Constrains, Strategic Profits.com; Paul Lamberg, Formula 5; StomperNet, StomperNet.com; Video Marketing with Maria Andros; mariaandros.com; Stephen Pierce. makerealmoneyontheinternet.com; Blogging with Yaro Starak, entrepreneurs-journey.com; Eben Pagan’s GURU Master Class-Internet Marketing, and a few others. I also have done the Landmark Forum and the Landmark Advanced seminars.

I always wanted to help and promote good causes, and the Raw Food life style is very appealing to me. I also support Alternatives, Complementary,  Integrative, and holistic medicine, like homeopathy, chiropractors, acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, energy medicine, energy work, , and others I and my family experienced personally with great results.

I am Eric Volkers. I am now mostly on a raw food diet because of my wife, Sheila who came down with a Stage 2 Breast Cancer last Feb 2010. When I was first introduced to Raw Food, the whole idea fascinated me that I delved into more and more research as I learned more about it. My wife had a spectacular recovery by being on a Raw Food diet when she was sick.  She did not do Chemo nor radiation and she is now cancer-free. We believe that in order to heal the body, you have to treat the “whole terrain” not just the one area afflicted.  By incorporating a raw food lifestyle, we have learned to respect food and understand its benefits.  We believe that our bodies are the most perfect self-correcting mechanism if given the proper nutrition and care.  We believe in being 100% Drug-Free and that you can get all the minerals and antioxidants you need from the right combination of raw food.

If you want to get started fast and learn more about Raw Food, I suggest you start here.  I am living proof that adhering to an ALL Organic, Raw Food diet can drastically change your health and help make you lose weight fast.  Although I go to the gym more often now, I credit my Raw Food diet to most of my weight loss since I have personally struggled being on the heavy side as a teen.  I was very bulky with muscles in high school because I did not know how to incorporate the proper diet with exercise.

Being on the Raw Food diet, or lifestyle rather has enabled me to achieve a more lean physique.  The most amazing result I have achieved is I lost 65 lbs in 7 months. I have still been able to keep it off  even though I have dessert every night with my food..  Also, I recently held many positions in Corporate America for sales and marketing as well as real estate.

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  1. Acupuncture is a great energy therapy for emotional pain, back pain, weight oss, infertility, and more

  2. I believe that raw food diet is great because it usually involves fresh foods without damaging pesticides in it.

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  3. Thank you guys for promoting this healthy life style! Many people got cure of cancer just following and embracing a living foods, or raw food diet!
    I’ll make sure to let my visitors and clients know about your blog.


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