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Vitamix- Blentec Blenders “A Green Smoothie a Day, keeps the doctors far away…”

Vitamix- Blentec Blenders: ” And Two Green Smoothies a Day,
certainly keep the doctors far, far away…”

Do you remember the old saying: “An Apple a Day, Keeps the doctor Away”?

A friend of mine begun eating living foods, non-cooked foods, or raw foods, when one day he had an organic apple for snack. He felt so satisfied and full that started to wonder why just an organic apple had such a fast and profound physical, mental, and emotional effect on him.

The answer was simple: it was the very first time he felt the difference between a conventional grown apple (full or artificial pesticides and fertilizers, and may by a GMO fruit), and a nutrition packed, organic one! full of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, which are not present on the conventional grown fruits.

If an organic apple a day can do such a miracle transformation in our bodies, have you ever wonder what a nutrition packed GREEN SMOOTHIE can do to our bodies, minds, emotions, and eventually to our spirit? Well, it will do a miracle! And “Two Smoothies a Day, definitely will keep doctors far, far Away!” © Carlos Caridad 🙂

“A Green Smoothie A day, Keeps the doctors Far, Far Away”
See how easy is to make a delicious Green Smoothie in less than 5 minutes with just frozen mango, oranges, ginger root, kale, celery, and green onions.

A raw food or more precisely living foods life style has been known to slow down the aging process, reverse wrinkles from your face, improve your vision, turn premature grey hair back to its natural color, keep you slim, improve your internal health, give you more energy, and increase your libido.

Benefits of having a Vitamix-Blendtec blender to make Green Smoothies

Here are some of the benefits of having a powerful Vitamix or Blendtec blenders to make and drink Green Smoothies:

  • Eliminates constipation, by providing large amounts of natural fiber that regularize and balance our bowel movements.
  • Shed, loss weight/belly fat very easily and FAST! Any one drinking green smoothies loses weight! without the serious and permanent side effects of Lap Band, liposuction and other weight loss methods that include surgery, medications to decrease apetite, and drugs. 
  • It gives you almost instant energy (without the crash that follows a morning coffee or an “energy drink” like Red Bull,etc. ;-), because a green smoothie is incorporated to the blood stream very fast, and does not take energy from your body to digest it.
  • A green smoothie is an ideal breakfast because you don’t use up energy from your digestive system, trying to break up and digest heavy proteins (meat, cheese, etc.), white breads (that contain sugars and difficult to digest carbohydrates), and other heavy meals. You are ready to tackle the world from the get go!
  • Green smoothies keep your blood stream clean and thin. Having better blood circulation, it oxygenates the internal organs faster and better, so you have more energy and you get less tired.
  • This also prevents aging and improves physical performance in all aspects of life: sports, work out, general fitness, and even improves your libido 😉
  • Since physical energy is the source of mental, emotional, and spiritual energies (“The Power of Full Engagement”, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz), all those vital energies improve considerably too!
  • Your skin becomes smooth and sexy! I was told like a baby skin…
  • Green Smoothies keep your body alkaline, healthy, and your immune system strong!
  • Drinking green smoothies is one of the best ways to loose weight fast, without even exercising!
  • There are even spiritual benefits when you drink green smoothies! 🙂 Your thoughts are align with your soul and real purpose in life!
  • this chase away viruses and most health conditions, like colds, flues, head aches, joint pains…
  • Help heal wounds faster, and recover from surgeries quicker, like my knee surgery. I was bicycling  and walking up and down the Manhattan Beach steps by the sand dune, in half of the time that a younger guy who had the same ACL knee surgery, two weeks before me!
  • etc., etc., etc.
  • Please send me any benefits you have experienced by posting them in the comments box below. I will gladly add your collaboration along with your name. Thanks.
  • You kids get less sick, if they get sick at all! This benefit is so appreciated by we parents! We don’t have to run to the doctor’s office any more!
  • again, incorporating daily green smoothies, any body can lose weight quick and safely!
Aitamix Blender

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Some people ask: how large of a green smoothie can I drink and still lose weight? I drink between 40 to 60 fluid oz. of green smoothie a day, and I do not gain any weight. I am 151 lbs and feel great! Actually I lost about 10 lbs when I became raw foodist. My suggestion is to follow those numbers when you drink a green smoothie with not much fruits, about two medium oranges m. If you use frozen mango, you should limit the amount of it if you see you gain weight.
Get a Blendtec or a  Vitamix blender asap to start enjoying the benefits of daily green smoothies!
My kids refuse to go to doctors since they drink a green smoothie every day. My wife makes a 16 oz. glass of green smoothie for each one, every day. Usually is 50% frozen mango and 50% dark green leafy veggies, like spinach, kale, and green chard. We use alkaline water for the smoothie. I try not to use mango, it is too sweet for me, and I use less fruits (30%), usually oranges; sometimes an apple. (I’ll be talking about alkaline water and foods soon. Amazing topic…)
Since our children started drinking their green smoothies every day, they don’t have any the “natural” and “common” seasonal flues, stomach aches, ear infections, fever (when they have it, they recover very quickly and they haven’t lost a day of school!), allergies, digestive problems-up sets, CONSTIPATION!
( I heard once that constipation is the worst sickness, because it leads to many, many dangerous health conditions, and accumulation of toxins), mental fogginess, lack of focus-concentration and alertness, moodiness, etc., etc., etc.

Family Thanksgiving @ Palm Springs-2011

Here is a picture of my healthy family taken three days ago on our Thanksgiving vacation in Palm Springs, after seeing the Riverdance show. Great show, great dancers. I wonder if some of them, if not all, eat really healthy, because it requires a special nutrition to have those perfectly shaped bodies, mental alertness, quickness, and physical coordination!

We took our Vitamix blender with us
, and enjoyed our every day green smoothies. Well, my kids are not very fond of green smoothies… They gladly drink them because we say so and the benefits of drinking it: if they don’t drink their smoothies, they lose computer or iTouch time ;-). The Blendtec blender is more powerful and noisy than the Vitamix. The Vitamix is a great blender; we had been using it for over 5 years by now, EVERY DAY! We already had to replace one container because so much use!

Our older daughter, now in college, ask for a green smoothie every time she does not feel good because she ate some pasta or a cheese pizza at campus. Both girls like green smoothies because they can lose weight very easily and fast, and skip the gym and its grueling work outs.

My super boy drinks his green smoothie because we force him to do so :). He likes Owl City very much; we do to; in “Dear in the Head Lights” song, Adam Young says: ” and I guess that’s the way it goes”, and he drinks his smoothie…

I guess my wife and I are, just like in the Cosby show, a benevolent tyranny…

Carlos Caridad


Some properties of Green Smoothies:

Buy a Blendtec Blender here:

  • A green smoothie is the best and cheaper way to get antioxidants fast into your body. (“Eat To Live” by Joel Fuhrman MD) and keep you body Alkaline. Remember that cancer thrives in acidic environment
Blendtec-Total Blender Designer Series

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  • Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which are particles that destroy healthy cells and eventually cause cancer.
  • We get free radicals from the air we breath, water we drink, toxins in the environment, and the worst of all toxic sources- the toxic we food we eat!
  • Antioxidants make free radicals render harmless. A good amount of daily Antioxidants is a MUST nowadays to be healthy!
  • Two 16 ounces of green smoothies every day will neutralize free radicals that can produce many harmful health conditions, like cancer, fast aging, and give you the extra energy to tackle your day!
  • The first step is to buy a powerful blender like a Vitamix or a Blendtec NOW. Do not procrastinate! Start getting healthier NOW!
  • The third and last is to DRINK IT! (every day 😉


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Kangen Water Machines and The Benefits of Alkaline Water

The Benefits of Drinking  Alkaline Water & Having your own Alkaline Kangen Water Machine at Home

We received this award 🙂

First let me define what is alkalinity to understand what is alkaline water. pH is a number that express the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale. When the pH is 7.4 is called neutral; lower than 7.4 values indicate an acidic pH and higher numbers are called alkaline.

Pure water has a pH close to 7.4. A perfect healthy body also has a pH value very close to 7.4. For the purposes of this article a pH of 7 means the pH of pure water and also a “pure” healthy body. This pH is also called neutral, not acidic and not alkaline.

Testimonial of a kidney stones case and Chernobyl irradiation-heavy metals poisoning
conditions that went away just by drinking alkaline water from a Kangen water machine.

The normal so healthy pH of the human blood is 7.4.

When our body transforms food into energy on a natural process of digestion and assimilation (of healthy foods), it also releases acidic by products. We need to eliminate those acidic by products also called toxins.

There are four ways our bodies eliminate toxins:

  1. Urination
  2. Defecation
  3. Transpiration
  4. Breathing

You can now, immediately can understand why it is so important to:

  1. Drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins through urination! Drink alkaline water!
  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with high content of fiber to eliminate constipation.
  3. Exercise until you sweat to eliminate toxins through our largest organ: our skin. Also to keep our skin healthy and clean to further help elimination of toxins.
  4. Breathe pure air! Go to nature, outdoors to take walks and hikes! Go to the beach to walk or jog! Fill your “air tanks” – lungs – with fresh- pure air!

Another excellent-quick way to get your body healthy, cleanse, detox and alkalized is by taking a Raw Juices-Detox Retreat with Andrea!

Cleansing Detox Raw Juice Alkalized Retreat

Alkalized Raw Juices Detox Cleansing Retreat with Andrea!

Detox-Cleanse-Alkalized Your Body with Andrea!

YOu not only enjoy three days of relaxation and excellent food, but your learn how to keep doing it your self when you get back home! Andrea’s Detox retreats are held in a beautiful spa in Palm Springs. If you live in Los Angeles area, Glendale, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, San Diego, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Orange County, Del Mar, Encinitas, this is the Cleansing-Detox retreat for you!

Why we need to drink alkaline water?

I will elaborate on those 4 detox points to better understand the importance of drinking plenty of alkaline water every day.

Why it so important to properly eliminate naturally occurring toxins from our bodies?
To have a healthy body by having an alkaline or pH neutral body.

Simple Methods to keep toxins out of your body

  1. Drink plenty or large amounts of pure, alkaline water – preferably 9.5 Kangen – to eliminate natural occurring metabolic waste by products and other accumulated toxins. In most cases this is enough to keep our bodies pH neutral or slightly alkaline. On the other hand, if we drink commercially bottled drinking water which is usually acidic or very acidic -pH lower than 7- our bodies become acidic too. This is an invitation to illness and sickness to come.


  2. Have good bowel movements. Dr. Schultz from the Natural Pharmacy, Marina Del Rey, California, says that  we should have normal bowel movements after every meal or 3 to 4 times a day. I’m a living witness of that truth! It took me a lot of discipline eating large amounts of fresh fruits and green vegetables and 40 to 60 oz. of green smoothies every day! It is well worth it! Constipation is one of the worst sicknesses. If our elimination through defecation is not proper or enough, we can’t get ride of the toxins and waste accumulated in our intentional track. Chronic constipation makes toxic waste accumulate in our body and turns it into and acidic body, prompt to sickness and disease.


  3. Exercise, work out to the sweating point. Take saunas regularly if you can’t exercise. These two methods help the elimination of toxins and naturally occurring metabolic waste. Working out, aerobics and other form of exercising by moving your body, also move our internal organs and further helps elimination of toxins and waste. The exercising rule is to sweat 3 times a week.


  4. Deep outdoor breathing increases oxygenation of Kangen water machine and the benefits of alkaline waterour blood and helps the elimination of metabolic waste byproducts through the lungs. At the same time we need to avoid, as much as we can, breathing smog from cars and other contaminated air. Exercise at large parks, beaches, away from the polluted air of big cities. Don’t run, jog on a busy traffic street! I just don’t understand some people running on high traffic streets when they are 5 to minutes from a park or the beach, here in Los Angeles!

Drinking alkaline water restores the natural pH balance of our body. The pH of our bodies has to be 7.4 to be healthy. The pH limits are between 6.8 to 7.8.

When our pH is neutral, about 7.4, our immune system is strong and healthy. A healthy immune system is strong enough to fight viruses, bacteria, and other health issues.

Dr. Otto Warberg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discover said:

“Disease can not exist in an alkaline (body’s) environment”

The most common cause of sickness and disease is having an acidic body; in other words when through eating and drinking acidic foods, too much stress and other emotional chronic conditions, the pH of the body becomes lower than 6.8 or acidic.

The key of being healthy is maintaining your body alkaline!  and drinking alkaline – Kangen water is the easiest way to accomplish that. Buy a Kangen water machine as soon as possible and invest on your health!

Immediate health benefits of an alkaline body.

  • You feel more energy stronger and stronger.Raw Real Live Food
  • Your immune system is healthy and strong, capable to combat disease, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • An alkaline body eliminate toxins more efficiently, specially when you drink Kangen water. Kangen water is a micro-cluster water, which means the water molecules get together in smaller groups than regular bottled water. Micro-cluster water is easily absorbed by the body, improving cells hydration as well as removing toxins from  cells.
  • You feel less food cravings because your assimilation improves and you eat healthier because you feel better!
  • Joints pain and arthritis pain are lesser or eliminated.
  • Your skin looks, better, glows and you look and are your!
  • Slows down aging noticeable.
  • Your brain works better: you are more alert, sharp,  more mental clarity, less mental fog and you work or do tasks more efficiently.
  • Many chronic health conditions are minimized or disappear.


  • This ins a partial list of health conditions that are greatly improved or eliminated:
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chrone’s disease
  • Kidney stones
  • Joints pain
  • Arthritis
  • Heart pain and other heart problems
  • Bad breath caused by growing bacteria
  • Sinus infection
  • Eyes itching or hurting caused by the use of contact glasses
  • Many kinds of digestion problems
  • Poisoning and toxins can be removed
  • Thyroid problems
  • Many cancer can go into remission
  • Skin infection and bad odor

Several people had reported that their cancer went into remission. And tumors shrank considerably (some times up to 90%).

Heart arteries blockage was removed from 80% to 50 %, allowing the person to avoid surgery, live normally and eliminate medications.

Just by drinking alkaline water people reported that their sinus infection disappeared and they had stopped taking  medications they had for many years!

The best-sure way to have a healthy alkaline body is by eating alkaline foods, uncooked green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, olive oil, and other alkaline foods. Having your own kangen water machine will help to offset this rule 🙂

More on the benefits of alkaline water


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