(118 degrees), a Modern (Raw Living Food Restaurant)

Hippies got it right: eat healthy, be vegetarian and make love not war.

Raw-Living foods movement is many times associated with the hippies. Unfortunately many of the vegan restaurants have the hippie vibe and consequently are not very tidy or clean. If you ever want to take your friends to a more “presentable” looking raw restaurant, 118 degrees in Costa Mesa is the place. My suggestion is to try the Sunday Brunch where for $22 per person, you get: starter, salad, soup. entree and dessert.

Five Couse Sunday Bruch, Yummy!!! and very filling!!!

Five Course Sunday Brunch- Buckwheat Granola
Five Course Sunday Brunch- Buckwheat Granola
Five Course Sunday Brunch-Salad
Five Course Sunday Brunch-Enchilada
Five Course Sunday Brunch-Enchilada
Five Course Sunday Brunch-Soup
Five Course Sunday Brunch-Soup
Chocolate Cake and Caramel Cheese Cake
Chocolate Cake and Caramel Cheese Cake

Cakes were so good the I forgot to take pictures before eating them!!!

Our rate: ♥♥!!!


118 degrees restaurant
2981 Bristol Suite B5 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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5 Responses to (118 degrees), a Modern (Raw Living Food Restaurant)

  1. This particular kind of Ceremony is not to be taken lightly: the Elders communicate with Mother Earth and Father Sky and in my understanding of it they ask if this is the person they have been waiting for to help them. Then, they wait for a response which usually comes in symbolic language from Mother Earth, and according to that response, the particular person is chosen—or not chosen. My sense of this choice is that at the very least the person must be of impeccable integrity, and from my personal knowledge of Mr. Keenan, he embodies this quality.

  2. lara

    I so agree with you – im sick of living food being associated with the “hippie” vibe….Why cant it finally be seen as something for smart and sassy people, who have a class and sophistication……?

    • Thank you Lara for your comment.

      We though acknowledge that hippies were the ones who helped to spread the vegetarianism, then the raw food, and better as you said, living foods message.

      When I was 16 I use to go to every rock concert back in Argentina. I let my hair grow to my shoulders, but never got into drugs, alcohol, casual sex, and all other body, mind, emotional abuses.
      I become vegetarian at 18, and I don’t even know how drugs look like, except what I’ve seen in the movies, nor I know how they smell. I’ve never got drunk, not even tipsy because I hardly drink.

      At age 19 I was offered a job as a teacher in a technical high school, so I cut my hair short and never came back to my hippie looking. It was just a stage of my search for identity.
      I do not mind to mingle with hippie looking people. I actually like when I see young men with long hair.

      Definitely we are trying to bring the living foods message to the vast amount of “regular” people, professionals, people like you and me.

      Like Pink Floyd said 45 years ago: “Together we stand, Divided we fall…” Let’s pull together for this great cause of living-raw foods, to have our children healthy, free of the scam of the food industry, medical industry, and federal reserve opression!

      Thanks Lara again, pleas come back, we would like to be in touch with you. 🙂


    • I like your comment Lara! Though we have to acknowledge, hippies are the pioneer of the raw movement in a way.
      My take is that ALL of us, wherever we come from, have to “stand together” because “divided we fall” 🙂


    • We are getting there Iara! Look at Demi Moore, never mind the stupid things she does. My point is that she looks young , great and not like a hippie!

      There are a lot of “hidden” professionals, just regular people who adopted living foods because they feel GREAT!

      thank you for your comment Iara!


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